10 Freezer Staples

10 Freezer Staples

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I shared my favorite pantry staples with you all and today I’ll be sharing my freezer staples. Being stocked up on some pantry and freezer items helps me to save money and keep meals healthy, easy to make, and inexpensive. I’d love to hear your freezer staples in the comments below!

10 Freezer Staples:

  • Vegetables: Frozen vegetables are sometimes more inexpensive than the fresh kind. I like to have a few bags of frozen broccoli to steam, a frozen stir fry blend to add to noodles or rice, and some shelled edamame. Make sure to shop sales and check fresh produce to see what your best option is!
  • Fruit: Frozen fruit is my favorite to have on hand for smoothies. Favorites are strawberries, blueberries, tropical blends, and bananas. Make sure to shop sales on these and get the kind with no added sugars!
  • Bread: I keep my bread in the freezer so that it lasts longer. Daniel eats regular bread and I have gluten free and there’s no way we can each finish a loaf a week! Keeping it in the freezer ensures it stays fresh and it gives me the ability to stock up when either type of bread goes on sale!
  • Baked Goods: I like to have some muffins, donuts, or something quick to grab from the freezer. It ensures baked goods won’t spoil and you can eat them as you want without gorging on them simply so that they don’t go bad!
  • Waffles: You could definitely whip up homemade waffles or pancakes and freeze them to have for later. Usually I choose to buy gluten free frozen waffles and have them on hand for mornings where I don’t have a lot of time to make breakfast. 

More Freezer Musts:

  • Veggie Burgers: I like to have one or two types of veggie burgers on hand for dinners or lunches. It’s a great way to get a punch of protein without having to do too much cooking!
  • Something Sweet: I usually have some kind of sweet/dessert each day as I’m sure you’ve seen in my WIAW posts! I like to have some non-dairy dessert on hand in the freezer. Eating something sweet most days helps me to never  feel deprived or like I can’t enjoy desserts on the regular!  Lately I’ve been liking cashew milk ice cream and frozen dark chocolate covered bananas. 
  • Vegan Soy Crumbles: Sometimes I’ll buy one or two bags of soy crumbles which is a vegan ground meat replacement. I will add it to pasta sauce, tacos, and stuffed peppers. It’s a husband-pleaser if anyone is looking to add more plant-based foods to their rotation but have a meat loving husband!
  • Ready to Heat Meal: Making a veggie pasta bake or a soup/chili in advance and freezing it ensures an easy dinner later! Simply thaw and/or reheat and you’re ready to go!
  • Potatoes: I like to have some frozen hash browns or fries in my freezer for a quick side. I can’t say I’m always in the mood to peel and roast my own potatoes. These make for a really easy option. Also, most frozen potato products ingredient lists are very good!

Go-to freezer staples? Favorite frozen fruit smoothie combo?

Tell me in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “10 Freezer Staples

  1. I think I need two freezers. Maybe three… for the amount of things I freeze. I don’t waste like to waste annnnything so I will freeze absolutely anything I think may go bad or I have extra of. Living alone and wanting to cook/bake lots doesn’t help that much, either. I much prefer my chocolate frozen and love no-bake treats so I always have to have a few options of those on hand. And I, too, always keep my bread in the freezer after a couple days of being out. So many people keep their bread in the fridge and I’m always like “nooooo that just dries it out!!” After a quick thaw, bread that has been frozen is good as new.

    • I agree with the bread! I usually just lightly toast it in the toaster and it’s good as new! Frozen chocolate is very delicious–especially that no bake bark that is on your blog. I LOVE having that!

    • They are great to add a punch of protein! I find that they are good when cooking for someone who misses meat or usually eats it when I want to keep things vegetarian.

  2. These are great freezer staples! I always keep bread, veggie burgers, frozen meats (chicken and ground turkey), veggies, and fruits in the freezer. I love keeping the freezer stocked so it’s always there when you need it!

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