10 Random Thoughts #2

10 Random Thoughts #2

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I’m joining in with Amanda and doing some thinking out loud! I hope you’ll share some more random thoughts in the comment section below! 

10 Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • The use of “they” to replace “he/she/it” is correct: As I don’t know the baby’s gender yet, I usually just say “them” or “they” rather than calling them “it” or saying “he or she” every single time. Saying this is correct and acceptable. It doesn’t mean that there’s multiples in there, people! 
  • I’m not a fan of random belly touchers: I’ve already gotten some un-requested touches from randos at work and other places. Unless you are my family or one of my close friends, you do not have unlimited access to touching my stomach!
  • Winter produce is so depressing: Can’t a gal get some delicious tomatoes and avocado around here?! Atleast the citrus has been pretty good! My lifelong dream is to live amongst avocado trees year round! 
  • I cant stop eating chives: I bought chives for my Garlic and Chive Mashed Potatoe recipe last week and now I can’t stop eating them. I have seriously been adding chives to everything I make! Where have chives been my whole life!? 
  • Working out has been hilarious: I used to do fairly intense HIIT workouts like 5-6 days a week with lots of strength training. Since becoming pregnant, it’s crazy what my limits have been! Sometimes I have to pause the video like 2 or 3 times so I can run to the bathroom. Also? Moves that look easy? Not so easy with the extra baby weight! It’s been humbling to say the least!

More Thoughts:

  • People Always Ask about plans: People always ask me what my post-baby plans are for everything. Where will we live, what will I do about work, what will I do about childcare, etc. Well, people…I’ll let ya know when I do! I’ve got time and I ain’t got time for the stress-inducing questions! 
  • I’m so excited to register: I can’t wait to create my baby registry! 😀 😀 😀 I so enjyoed making one when I got engaged and I can’t wait to look at all of the baby stuff! 
  • Infant carrier suggestions?: I’ve been doing some research on a good infant carrier. Anyone have any favorites? 
  • Unread Book Dilemmas: Currently I have about 249248 books waiting to be read and I’m not reading a book. I need to get back in to reading, gosh darn it! 
  • Why can’t taco bell have gluten free tortillas?!: Is taco bell healthy? No. Should I eat it? Probably not! But sometimes a gal just wants a bad for you burrito….and taco bell has zero GF options! 

Random  thoughts? Do you have a million unread books? Favorite infant carrier?

Tell me in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts #2

  1. I’m surprised there are no GF options at Taco Bell yet! I didn’t have many random belly touchers, thank goodness! Like what does that even do, ha. Baby will move but it’s not on command so still, not cool. I have the Ergo 360. It’s expensive but I really liked it. Some carriers are cheaper but they can hurt their hips in the long run. I really liked that this had the option to turn it front facing. Whatever you get I would suggest to make sure the baby can face out. Annabelle loved that! Also, Don’t get the Moby wrap, lol. I hear the K’tan is good but the Moby is SOOOO much fabric and just overwhelming so I hardly used it, lol. I hear the Ring Sling is really nice too. Ok sorry for the longest rant, ha. PS I love chives!

  2. That would be odd if random people asked to touch your belly. O_O And that was fun when I was in Uganda; we were able to get lots of tropical fruit. However I do like apples and citrus fruits too.

  3. I’m all about use of ‘they’ to replace he or she. It would be exhausting to say ‘he or she’ all the time!
    I have a few unread books, but it feels like a lot, considering the size of my apartment.
    I’m with you–thank goodness for citrus. Winter squash is yummy, but it takes forever to cut up, and yes, it is a bit morose looking sitting there on the shelf.

    • I constantly have to tell people that “they” doesnt always mean plural! It’s getting on my last nerves! Winter squash is yummy–although I often feel like I’m risking my life to cut it open haha!

  4. Oranges are reallllly good right now! So sweet and juicy.
    I can only imagine how much pregnancy changes working out. Good for you for making attempts!

  5. I have a TON of unread books. I look at them and think, I should read you. And then, I see a squirrel and off I go again! haha

    Random belly touchers are the WORST! Seriously, people, keep your hands to yourself!!

    • Hahaha…the sad thing is my “squirrel” is me seeing more books I want to read and me buying some more to add to the stash! Used book stores are my weakness!
      I know–you cant just touch people’s bellies!

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