10 Random Thoughts #3

10 Random Thoughts #3

It’s thinking out loud Thursday and I’m sharing 10 random things on my mind! Please share your own random thoughts in the comments below!

10 Random Thoughts

  • Taking public transit while pregnant makes me hate humankindSeriously, since fainting on Monday I have asked people for a seat on the train. 98% of the people act like they do not hear my voice and remain in their seats. 
  • If 66 degrees in February is wrong, I don’t want to be right: This past weekend was in the high 60’s and we are having days in the 50’s and 60’s here this week as well. I know this might mean terrible things for our weather patterns, but how can I not be happy?! 
  • I want to do smash tacos for my child’s first birthday: I hope that my child shares in my enthusiasm of tacos. My sister’s sent me this last weekend and it’s something I MUST do! Also, it’s hilarious! Read about the baby smash taco photoshoot here!
  • Also? I want them to have a baby Mexican poncho! I am kicking myself for not buying a baby poncho when I was in Mexico last year! They’re too cute and they kill me! 😀 😀 😀 
  • Packing for moving makes me want to punch myself in the face: I’ve been living in my apartment since December 2012. I do not want to pack anything….that is all. 
  • When people look at my stomach instead of my face while I’m talking to them, I want to scream: I promise that my pregnancy and my pregnancy belly is neither contagious nor disgusting. Please look at my eyes! 
  • Food shopping bills in the Winter make me cry: You want berries? Sure, please pay 45 dollars per berry. It doesn’t help that I live in a super high cost of living place either 😀 

  • Realizing I don’t care what other people think so much is so freeing! Last week at work coworkers were pressuring me to attend an event that I really didn’t have to go to. I was feeling a little nauseous and tired that whole day and I decided to finish up everything I needed to and leave early. No regrets and zero guilt was had. 
  • Sometimes being a little selfish and thinking of yourself first is okay: Similar to my thought above. Sometime’s it’s okay and necessary to know how you are feeling and listen to that regardless of what that means for others around you. 
  • If you’re doing the best you can, that is enough: Don’t beat yourself up when you’re facing challenges. If you’re doing your best and everything you can…that’s all you can do. 

Share your random thoughts in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts #3

  1. I like this side of Heather!! Haha. I don’t like those people giving you the silent treatment on the transit though… what poop heads! I also don’t like packing. Girl I feel for you. Your baby is going to be a taco masterrrrr. I see all the taco napkins, taco paper plates and taco decor now…

    • I know, do I look like a crazy woman who doesn’t know how to ask for a seat?! Sheesh! I hope she is a total taco master! hahaha–and of course we also need the pinata! 😀

  2. If someone asked me for a seat on the train I better have a damn good reason to not give it to them. It’s just not something people do unless they need it. So, they probably have a damn good reason for asking.

    Random thought : I had to set up security questions for my online dental care profile with insurance. NONE of the options were anything I could remember an answer to. They included – where were you on NYE of 2000, what’s your favorite sea creature, and what’s the first line of your favorite poem, among some other less humorous but still ridiculous security questions. So, now I have to have a post-it with my ridiculous made up answers written down. -__-

    • They have the signs on the train as well but no one moves from the seat when an older person or pregnant person actually needs it!

    • The sad sad sad truth is those signs are also on the train but no one obeys them and everyone crams in to the car and doesnt look out for others!

  3. Oh this is fun!
    Random thoughts:
    I have snot on my shoulder right now and it’s not mine.
    I need to cook dinner but CANNOT make myself go to the grocery store, so peanut butter and jelly for the whole family it it.
    I hate the drive thru at the bank because it’s too narrow and shaped funny and I always scrape my car on the curb.

  4. YESS. I love these random thoughts. I also love that you are obsessed with tacos- Have you seen taco booties?!! Here I’ll share a link-http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/taco-booties

    I think you’ll love those or at least get a kick out of them! Also the last three random thoughts I totally resonated with. The “people pleasing” tendencies can really be just a type of emotional incarceration. When we learn it’s okay to say “no” and take care of ourselves first it can be SO freeing. I’m still learning this, and learning not to feel guilt for saying no, but I’m getting there little by little! Thanks for sharing, Heather!

    • oh my goodness those little booties are too much–I need them!! hahahha! People pleasing is so hard especially in the working world. I’m also still working on it day by day and sometimes its easier than others. I will say it’s been a lot easier thinking of myself first and saying no when I need to since I;ve been pregnant. My babys first mama brain is turned on I think.

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