10 Random Thoughts #4

10 Random Thoughts #4

Happy thinking out loud Thursday, my friends! I’ve had just about enough cold and snow for the rest of my life. I can say that I hate the winter with the most capital H you can manage to write. Anyway…today I’m popping in to share 10 random thoughts with you all since my brain is scattered as ever! Enjoy!

10 Random Thoughts #4

  • Living in this generation is frustrating: Sometimes I sit and think about how the generation before us could graduate high school, find a good paying job with benefits, and buy a house by the age of 21. I just feel like the cost of living, lack of jobs, and lack of options is so frustrating and makes me feel stuck! Also add in student loans, (which I am working very hard to pay off but they still exist) low salaries, and super high cost of living. It’s just insane! 
  • Winter is Making me Angry: The ice and snow just needs to stop. I have to walk a lot to commute to work and the sidewalks being icy is so anxiety inducing because I’m pregnant. I just can’t even handle it! Anyone know of any jobs hiring in super warm places?! 😀 😀 😀 
  • Bloggers are Encouraging: I’ve received some really encouraging and lovely comments and emails after my Body Image During Pregnancy post and it was lovely! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment or send me a nice message!
  • Reading is Awesome: I’m finally back in my reading zone after a few months hiatus of refusing to pick up a book for no reason. Now, I can’t seem to put them down! I’m happy to pick up a book and not always my phone! 
  • I Eat All the Time: Before I was pregnant, I knew I had a hearty appetite and a fast metabolism and had to eat pretty frequently. Nowadays it’s even more insane! I literally feel like I’m snacking 24/7 or making up my next meal WHILE snacking. I don’t mind too much because I love food but it’s been a challenge to pack food for work!

More Random Thoughts:

  • Packing for a Move: Everyone keeps asking me how packing for the move is going. I pretty much use everything all the time so I’m putting off any major packing until the last minute. Anyone else feel like they own what they use? 
  • Beauty and the Beast: You guys, I’m so excited to see Beauty and the Beast and it comes out tomorrow!! I doubt I’ll see it opening night because crowds and late nights are not my jam, but I will definitely see it! Thoughts on Emma Watson’s singing voice in the trailer? I love her to death but I think her voice sounds super auto-tuned!
  • The Drop Box Documentary: This documentary was on my Netflix list for a while and I finally watched it over the weekend! It’s about a pastor and his wife who accept abandoned babies in South Korea. Apparently Seoul has a large problem of mother’s abandoning their babies who often are left outside to die. It’s quite an amazing story! 
  • Posts Question: I’m doing some planning ahead for this Spring and Summer in terms of content with baby girl’s arrival! That being said, I’d like to know what topics or types of posts you love and like to see more of! Let me know in the comments as it will help me plan better!

Favorite type of posts? What movie or book are you looking forward to? Best documenary you’ve watched lately? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts #4

  1. Oh my god I could write a NOVEL post about your first two points right now. Life is so freaking hard. The fact that my mother had a full professional salaried job by the age of 21 – and that this was not rare – and that I’m 27 and just ending my second bout of education with loans to pay off and absolute terror about not getting any employment? I just can’t even think about it. Its easier to just put my stress onto the weather. Which sucks BALLS. You and I would do very well escaping down to Costa Rica. Wanna?
    So glad to hear you got back to reading. With my levels of anxiety recently I’ve been sucked into my damn phone more and more and more and I really do hate it. I need to just force myself to start a book. I know it will feel good but for some reason I just keep not doing it. Wow sorry for using your commenting section as my own personal TOL apparently…
    I love all your posts. Life updates, TOLs and recipes. Just keep doing what you wanna do. <3

    • Yes! It’s insane when you compare the two generations and its quite frankly hard for me not to get a little annoyed and angry about it! Their generation often calls us lazy or unmotivated too but perhaps we’d feel more motivated if we had good jobs and affordable housing!
      Yes, Costa Rica was my favorite place I’ve ever visited in my life. I would go back in a heartbeat. Let’s go eat tropical fruit with the monkeys 😀

  2. Im so excited about beauty and the beast! But yes I am a little worried about the singing. I know Luke Evans is going to SLAY but I am worried about Belle. I suppose I can look past the songs as long as everything else is spot on. We will see! Playing with old classics is a tough one – which is why sometimes I prefer they don’t mess with them!

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they auto tuned Emma’s voice, but I think it sounds good on the soundtrack! Very angelic and exactly how I would imagine the real Belle would sound. I hope you enjoy the movie!

    • I haven’t heard much of the soundtrack minus the trailer songs…that’s good to hear! Either way, I’m excited to see it!

  4. The Drop Box documentary!!!! I love that one; we’ve watched it several times, and I cry every time I watch it. I would love to visit there some day and hold the babies.

    And bloggers are so encouraging; It always blows me away how kind and caring each one of you are.

    • I definitely was crying too! So amazing what they are doing! I was also amazed at the maturity and love of their adopted son who openly speaks about wanting to continue his father’s work!

  5. On the packing thing: I find it’s nearly impossible to pack for a move. Like, I’d pack my winter clothes if it’s warm and my summer clothes if it’s cold and then be like: “Uh…but I use my chairs and sheets and my pots and pans and my cleaning supplies and my…” When we moved from my parents’ old house to the new one about a decade ago, we literally packed everything in about two days.
    Hope it warms up soon! Winter is always long and kind of sad, and the added challenge of anxiety about slipping and falling while pregnant must make it even tougher. Hopefully only a few more weeks. We are halfway through March.

    • Glad I’m not the only one. I think we’ll get the most packing done like 1 and 2 days before the move! I hope it warms up soon too–I’m hoping we only have a couple of weeks of below freezing temps left..or less would be fine too 😀

  6. I will never get over how encouraging the blogging world is. People’s comments/emails always have me smiling. I am so grateful to be part of this community of love!!

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