10 Simple Swaps

10 Simple Swaps

If you’re looking to make your diet healthier, today’s your post. It can be really challenging when you are new to healthy eating habits. There’s tons of different information being thrown at you for all different types of diets. It may seem that you can’t eat anything that you want to eat and that healthy eating is boring. Today I’m offering some simple swaps that you can make as you ease yourself in to a healthier lifestyle. Also, I post healthy recipes every Friday, so check them out for more inspiration.

10 Simple Swaps:

  • Try Avocado or hummus instead of mayo
  • Swap microwave popcorn for air popped popcorn
  • Use water or vegetable broth for sauteing rather than oil or butter
  • Sip on Sparkling water rather than soda, juice, or sugary iced tea
  • Enjoy plain oats and add fresh fruit and cinnamon instead of pre-made sugary oatmeal packets
  • Roast spaghetti squash instead of traditional pasta and choose a tomato basil sauce rather than a heavy Alfredo
  • Rather than popping chips, try snacking on edamame. It’s packed with protein to make you feel satisfied!
  • Go dairy free and swap out your heavy cream or whipped cream for coconut milk
  • Instead of sugar or artificial sweetener, try maple syrup, honey, or dates
  • Make up some banana ice cream by putting frozen bananas in a food processor or high speed blender. Blend until consistency is like soft serve ice cream. You won’t miss the regular stuff!

What swaps do you like to do? Favorite oatmeal toppings?

Tell me in the comments below!

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26 thoughts on “10 Simple Swaps

  1. Great tips. I definitely use a lot of yogurt in both my baking and in place of mayo (though I do love my mayo, too). I also replace mayo for avocado a lot. I’ve never tried snacking on edamame… but that sounds pretty delicious.

  2. Fantastic tips, as always! I love the idea of using avocado instead of mayo (although I’m not a mayo fan, but have become a HUGE avo fan, ha!) Great idea to drink sparkling water instead of soda, too!

    I’m a big tea drinker instead of coffee and LOVE drinking one Emergen-C in water instead of soda, too. Nothing like getting in those antioxidants and vitamins!

    Thanks for the tips!
    XO, Jessica

    • That’s a good point too–I hadnt thought of Emergen-C in water! Still get the fizz too! I also like using hummus as a spread too!

  3. Great tips!! My grandma taught me to use water/veggie broth instead of oil and I do it often. I love spaghetto squash or spiralized zucchini instead of pasta.

  4. These are all good tips! Maple Syrup and honey are some of my favorite sweeteners. 🙂 And roasting squash instead of noodles is an interesting tip; I would like to do spaghetti squash again soon!

    • Same here I cant get enough maple syrup lately! Spaghetti squash is so delicious in the fall you should definitely enjoy some soon!

  5. Great tips. I love using natural sweeteners, honey and maple syrup are my favs. And I actually prefer zucchini noodles over pasta. It’s so easy to make healthy swaps, thanks for sharing with everyone so we can become a healthier world!

    • Thanks, Patricia! I hope that by sharing this people can see that little changes make a big difference without totally changing every single thing about a person’s eating!

    • Have you ever bought those “Wholly Guacamole” packs? I usually buy a few when they go on sale and use them when avocados arent in season. They’re single serving packs of guacamole–really great to spread on toast, etc.

  6. Air popped popcorn has been my favorite snack since I was a kid. I love it!
    I used to drink way too much iced tea. Since becoming vegetarian and cutting out a lot of processed sugar, I just can’t stomach iced tea anymore. I had a sip of my boyfriends and it was so gross!

    It’s crazy how much taste buds change just from eating better.


    • I agree–my taste buds have changed so dramatically over the past several years. Things I used to love and think were delicious I cant even stomach anymore!

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