1st Trimester Favorites

1st Trimester Favorites

Today I’m doing some thinking out loud with Amanda and sharing my favorites from my first trimester! If you’re pregnant or already have kids, tell me your favorites in the comments below! 

1st Trimester Favorites

  • Burt’s Bees Belly Butter: I wanted to get in the habit of creaming up each day as early as possible. It’s helped so far with dry itchy expanding skin and the smell isn’t overly strong. 

  • Boppy Pregnancy Pillow: This weird seal shaped pillow may look weird, but it’s been a lifesaver! Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve had trouble sleeping. This pillow was developed by a physical therapist and has helped my hip and back pain so much! There are two other pieces that you can attach to this pillow as your belly grows for extra support. 

  • Pearhead Pregnancy Journal: This was one of my very first baby related purchase and I’ve loved it! I like it because it has prompts for each month and a spot for a picture of your belly bump each month. There’s also a place for pictures and prompts about the nursery, baby names, doctor’s appointments, and more. I found this one on Amazon. 

  • Gluten Free Bagels: I’ll talk more about this in another post, but I’ve been extremely sick. The only thing that I could eat (and still the only thing) in the morning was a gluten free bagel with vegan cream cheese. This brand is made with egg so there’s at least some protein in it!

  • Gluten Free Crackers: Another nausea fighter. This specific brand with some peanut butter has been a favorite of mine and a quick way for me to at least attempt to get in some protein. 

  • Prenatal Vitamins: This brand contains no dairy or gluten so I stocked up. Quick note, if you have trouble swallowing pills, do not buy this brand. They’re large pills, but I haven’t had any issue with them. 

Mamas, what are/were your 1st trimester favorites? Did you keep a pregnancy journal?

Tell me in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “1st Trimester Favorites

  1. Reading your last post I was going to ask you what brand of gluten free bagels you found – now I have my answer! Glad you’ve found some really nice sources – edible and not – to ease you through this time. I would think keeping a journal would be a really lovely thing to do.

    • Yes—I dont even want to know how many bagels I’ve consumed in the past 4 months! haha! I know that I’ll love looking back on the journal later!

  2. I ate a lot of carbs and bagels in the first trimester! I mean, I always love them but they were just so needed and one of the only things that would stay down and taste good. I have the snoogie (Maybe? I can’t remember lol) pillow which is similar to yours. I haven’t used it for this pregnancy but it was a lifesaver with A! Like, unreal the difference it made!

    • I’m still iffy in the morning and can only eat carbs but for a while there I was almost exclusively eating carbs. Its all that was good and stayed down! I knew that I loved carbs but this was a whole new level haha!
      I saw there was a pillow called “Snoogle” is that the one you have? No idea where that name came from but it looks like a nice pillow!

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