3 Year Anniversary

3 Year Anniversary

Hello! Yesterday was my 3rd wedding anniversary so today I thought I’d share a few pictures from our wedding day. I know three years isn’t incredibly long but I’m still in shock just how fast it went!


We got married January 5, 2013 which was luckily a more mild January where we live. We ended up having a chilly but sunny and clear day with 0% chance of snow or sleet. I was so relieved! We had an early church ceremony and a  12-4 slot for our reception at a golf club. An early ceremony meant I was up at 4:30 am for hair and makeup. Who are we kidding..I’d have been up anyway!

Getting ready

My sister Holly made us Mimosas and it was so fun hanging out with my parents and bridesmaids while getting ready. My dad even got everyone breakfast sandwiches while we got ready! I did the old, new, borrowed, and blue tradition: old was my jewelry, new was my dress, borrowed was my wedding veil (my oldest Sister let me borrow the same veil she wore on her wedding day!), and blue were my shoes! 


I was sooo nervous before the ceremony! Not because I was about to get married or I had second thoughts. I was just so nervous about walking down the aisle and having everyone stare at me! My pastor did a quick prayer before heading out for the service which helped to calm my nerves. Having my Dad next to me also put me more at ease.

kiss the bride

Our ceremony was about an hour long with some special music, a short message, scripture readings, unity candle, and the vows. Looking back it’s all a blur but I very much remember the vows. Daniel got a little emotional which made me almost lose it! It was so special and something I’ll never forget! Walking out after our first married kiss I had the organist play the Hallelujah Chorus in order to fit my mood! So happy!!!


I loved the staff at this Golf Club so much! They were amazing throughout all of the planning and worked hard to have everything as I wanted. We did purple, black, and white for our colors because Daniel and I both love purple. Daniel’s cousin makes cakes for a living and she offered to make our wedding cake as our wedding gift. My topper was my grandfather’s topper from 1948!

cake and topper

Here’s the topper being used at my grandfather’s wedding:


We had pictures of the grandparent’s and our parents near the entryway to honor them. Neither of our grandparents were alive any longer, so I wanted to have their pictures up as a way for them to be there. It was really special to me. 

parents & gparents

Daniel’s family photos

parents & gparents 2

My Family’s photos

One of my favorite parts of the reception room was the fireplace. I put our engagement photos on the mantle and it really made the whole room cozy and warm! 


My mom and I put together items for a Hot Chocolate bar as a favor to the guests. We had all different flavors of hot chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, and to-go cups for the guests to take before they left. It turned out great!

hot chocolate bar

After food and dancing and plenty of pictures, we had a send off outside and we whisked away to the start of our honeymoon! We had the staff box us up more food and we ended up eating it later on! 


I must say I feel like one lucky gal to be married to this guy. He works so hard and is so caring. If he has 5 extra minutes in a busy day…he will give them to me. He makes me feel so loved and appreciated. Alright, I’ll stop with the mushy stuff….but seriously…I’m one happy gal! 🙂


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11 thoughts on “3 Year Anniversary

  1. Congrats to you both!! Love all of your pictures Heather! I was so nervous to walk down the isle for the exact same reason as you… I didn’t want everyone staring at me!! And my ceremony is quite a blur too, but I do remember our vows. Luckily we had a videographer there and have rewatched it several times and always catch something different each time we watch.

  2. Heather, thank you for posting some pictures and memories of your wedding day! You were a beautiful bride and Daniel looked so handsome!! I am so glad you had a beautiful sunny day and didn’t have any worries about snow for your wedding! The stained glass windows of your church are gorgeous – where is this? Was your reception at Llanerch Country Club? It looks familiar – I made the rounds of local country clubs when my daughter was engaged.

  3. Your wedding was beautiful!! I absolutely love your cake! Congrats on 3 years!! It does fly by! And I totally agree with you about it being a blur. I barely remember anything about my wedding. My favorite memory from my wedding is when my husband saw me come down the aisle. He cried. So sweet!

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