5 Blogs to Check Out Right Now

5 Blogs to Check Out Right Now

Happy Wednesday, friends! Today I’m popping in to share 5 current blogs I’m loving lately. I love discovering new great blogs and so today I’m hoping to spread the love around some more. There are so many blogs that I follow on a regular basis, but this is just a quick favorite 5 recently. Leave any links of your current favorites in the comments below so I can check them out!

5 Blogs to Check Out Right Now

  • Katalyst HealthKat offers DELICIOUS healthy recipes, health and fitness posts, and little personal blurbs. I love her recipes because they are dairy  free and gluten free and they don’t taste like it! She shares her personal struggles with food and how she’s overcome old habits. Her blog is one that I always love to come back to.
  • My Little TablespoonCora shares her struggles and triumphs while she recovers from an eating disorder, she also shares wonderfully delicious recipes, and life advice/personal blurbs. I especially love her life posts that are more reflective. She has a wonderful writing style. Bonus…she’s also hilarious!
  • A Dancer’s Live-itMarina shares her life as she finishes her senior year of college, shares delicious recipes, and chats about recovering from an eating disorder. Her positive spirit and the fact that she’s a dancer are what drew me to her blog. 
  • Gretch RunsDon’t be fooled by the blog name, this is not only a running blog. In fact, the variety of her posts is what I love most about Gretchen’s blog. She shares her journey of being vegan, random life snippets, recipes, and so much more. I enjoy when she shares about her weekly or monthly spending with her money diary type entries. 
  • Erin’s Inside JobErin’s blog focuses on her journey to wellness after battling with addiction and even serving time in prison. She shares lessons and tidbits she’s learned along the way in a way so easy for anyone to apply to their own lives. She also shares favorite products, life snippets, and so much delicious food you can’t believe it!

Current Favorite blog?

Tell me in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “5 Blogs to Check Out Right Now

  1. Heatthherrrr!! You really, really just turned my morning around. Thank you <3. I love having you as a follower and love following your blog in return. All these ladies are kick-ass.

  2. YES. Love these. <3 I haven't read Gretch's blog in a little while, but I read the other ones on a regular basis. So many good blogs out there. 🙂 I love yours and the short posts and all the 'how-tos'

  3. I’m loving trail running blogs right now. iRunFar, Ultrarunner Podcast and the occasional food blog, Minimalist Baker or No Meat Athlete. I’ve been forced to cook a lot more for myself lately, so that is the reason for the last two 🙂

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