5 Changes You Can Make Right Now

5 Changes You Can Make Right Now

There are so many things in life that we cannot change. I often feel more anxious when I feel stuck in a situation or stuck in a phase of life that is not so fun. When I’m craving a change or wanting something to happen but things do not seem to be falling in to place, I feel very stuck. Being stuck leads to many anxious feelings which can lead to feeling sad, helpless, and frustrated. In order to avoid those stuck feelings, today I’m sharing 5 changes that you can make right now when you’re feeling stuck!

Choose To Be Grateful: Maybe things are not exactly how you want them to be right now. Whenever you feel this way, you can choose to hate everything or you can choose to be grateful. Choosing to be grateful doesn’t mean you have to love everything about your situation. Choosing to be grateful is enjoying what you do have amidst a challenging time.

Choose To Be Happy: Happiness is a choice. Happiness is not always something that will come easily. Some days are very hard to get through. Choose to be happy and you will see a difference in your outlook on life. Next time you’re feeling low, choose to smile and you may feel a little happier overall.

Choose to Love Yourself: Rather than pick yourself apart in the mirror, think about all of the things that your body can do for you. You won’t get thinner by bashing yourself, you won’t get stronger by ridiculing your small muscles, and you won’t improve your self esteem with self-hate.

Choose To Treat Yourself Daily: This does not have to be anything expensive! Treat yourself to 5 minutes alone after a busy day. Treat yourself to a 30 minute workout session with no interruptions. I really believe that small daily treats/acts of self-love will make all the difference in our happiness and outlook on life.

Choose To Enjoy Your Passion: As an adult it gets harder to enjoy your passions when they are not necessarily part of your career. I think if you enjoy things that you are passionate about, it can help when you’re not exactly where you want to be in life. For me, I love to write so this blog is a space for me to do that on a daily basis. Whatever it is that you love, carve out some time each month to do it!

I hope that these 5 changes will help anyone out there feeling stuck in their current situation. I also try to remember that nothing is permanent and most things in life end up working themselves out in the end! I will continue to enjoy the little things in life, and enjoy this moment right now!

Favorite daily treat? How do you enjoy your passions?

Tell me in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “5 Changes You Can Make Right Now

  1. love this!! I treat myself to a manicure or a massage every once in a while to just get some alone time and relax. I love the thought about being grateful. It is easy to get consumed by the thought that the grass is always greener on the other side, but really it is so important to live in the moment and be grateful for everything we DO have.

  2. YES, doing something that you are gifted in and using it is such a blessing, rather than wishing you had someone else’s gifts. Being grateful for what you’ve been given gives so much contentment, and it’s such a gift to be grateful. <3 Thank you Heather for the sweet reminders.

  3. I love this. So simple, but happiness and success in life is all about mindset and reactions and making the most out of given circumstances. Life is never going to be perfect, but you can made happy mountains out of semi-positive molehill with the right perspective!

    • Thanks, Susie! Often times the most simple things are the most challenging to live out! Dont you think? Thanks for sharing on Twitter as well!

    • Me too! I know that any time I’ve decided to be ungrateful and negative about a situation I cant control, things always turn out worse than when I’m grateful and positive!

  4. ah yes!! I really love each and every one of these heather. Loving yourself and being grateful is something that has helped me tremendously! Thank you for this

  5. Such great advice! One way I show myself love is I have my cup of coffee every morning whilst reading. It’s such a peaceful way to start off my morning 🙂

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