5 Kitchen Essentials

5 Kitchen Essentials

Happy Thursday! Today I’m doing some thinking out loud with Amanda and sharing my personal kitchen essentials. I’d love to hear your own essentials in the comments below! If I could only have 5 items in my kitchen, these are the 5 I Would choose!

5 Kitchen Essentials

  • Mixing Bowls of Varying Sizes: Somehow when I got married, I forgot to register for mixing bowls. My cousin saved my life and bought me a set of three mixing bowls all in a different color. These have become one of my most used items in the kitchen. I use them for serving, mixing, and holding food! 
  • Food Processor or High Speed Blender: This one is so important for me! I use my food processor so often to make recipes, sauces, you name it! I am in the market for a large food processor soon, so please leave your favorites below. My small one just isn’t cutting it these days! 
  • Wok: As someone who makes Asian food on the regular, a wok has been essential in my kitchen. In fact, I’ve now worn my wok to it’s last days and need a new one! It’s perfect for making a big stir fry and it never feels like it’s going to overflow like a regular pan. 
  • Rubber Spatula: This must seem random but boy has this been a life saver! Especially when I’m baking, I’m amazed at how much batter this little guy gets that a regular spatula or spoon can’t pick up. 
  • Good set of Knives: I believe that every person should invest in a good set of knives. If you’re going to be doing a lot of cooking, having good sharp knives is key! I use my knives so often and am always so grateful to have them nice and sharp…especially when I’m cutting through all 359 squashes that I buy per year…haha!

What is your number 1 kitchen essential? Do you use a food processor?

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “5 Kitchen Essentials

  1. I agree with all of these. A nice rubber spatula is essential for scraping those baking bowls, and having a dull knife makes everything a lot more difficult. Also I love our Cuisinart Food Processor, because it’s made nut butters so easily, shredded cabbage, and done things that would be a lot harder or impossible to do by hand.

  2. I think my 5 top essentials are can opener, mason jars (I have a ton of different sizes and use them for EVERYTHING), strainer/colander, wooden spoons (I lay them across pots so they don’t boil over), and blender 🙂

  3. Ahhhh a wok! I definitely want one in the future! My boyfriend would agree on the good set of knives, because every time he comes to visit we’re limited in what we can cook because I only have 2 semi-decent knives. 😉 LOVE my food processor, it saves so much time in the kitchen.

    • I know, ever since I got good knives I feel like a knife snob! Woks are awesome–I had one that lasted me like almost a decade which I believe was from HomeGoods!

  4. Oh man I need new knives. I’ve known this for years, but have just been tooooo cheap to get a good set. I keep saying when I’m “old” and settled… like, with a house and a job or something. Maybe. One day.
    Food processor is such a must for me. I feel sad for anyone who doesn’t have one – they don’t know how many EASY opportunities they are missing out on. And spatulas. I never used to believe my mom when she said I needed one, but wow was I wrong.

    • It’s hard to commit to a large purchase like good knives! Once you have them though, you’ll kick yourself for not getting them sooner haha! Spatulas are a saver!!

    • That’s a great one to add! I love my nonstick skillet! I don’t know what kind of blender you’re looking to get, but I really like my Nutribullet Pro…I got it for my birthday last summer and have really liked it!

  5. Frying pan, toaster, strainer, potato peeler, and tongs! Can’t cook without them! And the knives! I need a new one, haven’t had the time to replace my old one! I almost forgot! The Knife Blocks!! I just got a new one, my husband bought it to me last month.. I have to check the cabinets now! I don’t have a food processor in my kitchen, but I’ve been planning to buy one.. Any suggestion where I can get a food processor for beginners? Thanks!

    • Strainer, peeler, and tongs–YES! How could I forget those! I love the knife blocks! I got a small food processor at Bed Bath and Beyond and it was great for starting out. Now I’m ready for a bigger more intense one!

  6. I totally agree with your list. Different mixing bowls is a must in the kitchen. I actually bought just recently since I realized that whenever I’m cooking, I use normal bowls.
    Cutting board is also one of the important utensils in the kitchen. Do you agree?

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