5 Simple Acts of Love

5 Simple Acts of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that everyone takes a little time to show a loved one how much they care for them today. Also, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a little love today too! On this day of love, I’m popping in to give you 5 simple acts of love. I hope you’ll do one of these throughout your day today!

5 Simple Acts of Love

  • Leave a note: Whether it’s your parents, your significant other, a friend, or your spouse, a nice note goes a long way. Jot down some encouraging and kind words and stick the note somewhere they can find it later. It’s sure to lift their mood and make them feel loved. 
  • Do Something You Wouldn’t Normally Do: If your significant other takes out the trash every time, have them relax on the couch and collect the trash. Cook dinner if you’re not usually the cook. Sometimes switching roles helps us to realize all of the wonderful things that the other person does for us on a daily basis.
  • Buy a Coffee: Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line, bring your spouse a cup of coffee in bed, or get up a little early and grab some breakfast and coffee for them when they wake up. There’s nothing quite like having a little treat first thing in the morning for the one you love. 
  • Smile at a Stranger: So often we are glued looking down at our phones when we are out and about. We are too busy to acknowledge the other people around us. Take a moment to look up and smile at the person who may need it. You never know what kind of hardships someone may be going through.
  • Make a Reasons I Love You Booklet: I’ve seen this idea floating around Pinterest every once in a while. Over the course of a year or a few months, jot down reasons you love your significant other. Make up a little booklet for them and give it to them next Valentine’s Day! You could also jot down a small list in a Valentine’s Day card if you do not want to go the booklet route. Either way, it will be a reminder to your significant other that they are loved. This idea would also work great for parents!

Do you exchange presents on Valentine’s Day? Favorite way to show love?

Tell me in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “5 Simple Acts of Love

  1. Love this! Coffee, always. Also, baking something for no reason is a big way I show my love – going to my grandma’s with a handful of cookies or having Alex come home to bread is just nice.

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