5 Tips for a Better Morning

5 Tips for a Better Morning

I would consider myself more of a morning person than a night person. No, I don’t love waking up at 5:30 am for work, but still would agree I’m more of a morning person overall. Today I wanted to share 5 quick tips for a better morning for those of you who are not a morning person. As always, add in your own thoughts and tips in the comments below!

  • Make Your Bed: No matter how tired and frazzled you’re feeling, making the bed will make you feel more put together. It tidies up the room and also provides zero room for you to lay back down for “another minute”.
  • Prep Your Food the night before: Prep your breakfast the night before. Make some baked oatmeal for the week, some overnight oats, or put together smoothie packs for an easy morning with very limited thinking necessary. Same goes with your work lunch, prep it after you eat dinner the night before. You’ll thank me later!
  • Pick Out Your Clothes the night before: This goes for gym gear too. If you stop at a gym before or after work, pack your gym bag the night before and leave it by your door. As for work clothes, think about what you’re going to wear so that in the morning, you can throw it on and be done! 
  • Give Yourself Enough Time: If you have sufficient time to get ready in the morning, you’re less likely to start the day off in a bad mood. No one wants to feel frazzled and rushed before a full day of work. This might mean setting your alarm for an earlier time or making yourself get out of bed without hitting snooze 8 times. Since I have to get up really early, I shower the night before so I can sleep an extra 10-15 minutes and not have to shower in the mornings. Find what works for you. Also, if you do have to hit snooze 8 times, perhaps evaluate your sleep schedule.
  • Avoid Social Media: Do not check your emails while brushing your teeth or scroll through Instagram while packing your lunch. Multi-tasking may actually slow you down while you’re getting ready. Also, you’re more likely to see something that makes you angry, annoyed, upset or all of the above. Start your morning off with your family and/or your breakfast and not social media world.

Are you a morning person? What do you do to set yourself up for a productive day?

Tell me in the comments below!

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24 thoughts on “5 Tips for a Better Morning

  1. I’m so glad you included making your bed. I often think I’m just silly for having that feeling like I just can’t leave my room until my bed is made, but it really does help me feel that sense of being “put together” to start my day. It always makes me feel more relaxed and less frazzled.
    I’ve learned I need a lot of time in my morning. I wake up extra early just to have extra time to get myself together and not have to rush. If I am rushed in the morning I know I will be frazzled allll day.
    Such good point about the social media – seeing something that triggers or annoys you first thing could really set you off for your entire day.

    • Yes, when i was in middle school and high school I would stay up too late and then give myself 10 seconds to get readyd for school. It never was a good start!

  2. HA! What a well timed post. My wake-up call was actually 4:30am this morning, so yes, I am a total morning person. I will however, be asleep by 9pm lol

  3. Great tips!! I love the tip to make your bed. It does make me feel more put together! I am a huge advocate for setting out clothes the night before. I especially do this for my early morning gym classes so I don’t have to turn on the bedroom light to find clothes and wake up my husband. I think he appreciates it even more than I do.

  4. I’m 10,000% a morning person – 10pm bed time cannot be thwarted! (My upcoming Bachelorette party guests should beware, ha!) Love these tips! You are SO RIGHT that mornings are better when I give myself enough time. Although avoiding social media can be uber difficult.

    I’ve been struggling because social media is, quite frankly, my full time job. Which means that I can truthfully check my “performance” at any time! I’ll try to slow down in the mornings a bit and maybe get into more of a routine there.

    Thanks for sharing!
    XO, Jessica

    • haha, I think my bachelorette party was a rare time i stayed up late..it was still not like 3am though. late for me!

      Thats a hard balance! Maybe youll feel more ready to tackle the day if you hold off on social media until youre ready?

    • hahaha hope your hairs nice and dry now 😀 Sure, Tara! I didnt use to be either thats why i wanted to share!

  5. Creating a routine that works for you, whatever it is, and then sticking with the routine long enough to become habit, is so critical. I have my morning down to a science, and it is completely different from my husband’s, but each works for us!

  6. I’m a huge morning person! I find that giving myself enough time to get ready and do my “morning routine” makes a world of difference. If I’m rushed around and scattered about, it makes for a miserable morning. Giving myself a little “leisure” time of about 5-10minutes each morning makes for very productive and positive starts to the day!

  7. I think whether I’m a morning or night person really depends on the day. I’m becoming more and more of a morning person though – I’m not consistent about making my bed, you would not be proud! Totally agree with you on prepping breakfast and picking out clothes the night before – I ALWAYS do this!

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