5 Tips To Get Back On Track

5 Tips To Get Back On Track

It’s so easy to get in to unhealthy habits. Maybe it’s not making time for a workout or maybe your diet has been not so good lately. Whatever the case, it’s hard to break the bad habits. It can feel easier to not workout or to grab fast food when you don’t want to cook. It takes at least three weeks to build a habit, so getting over that initial hump can be tough. Now that I’m back from a vacation, I’m ready to get back in to my usual habits. Here are 5 tips to help keep you on track too!

5 Tips To Get Back On Track

  • Meal Plan & Prep Ahead: Plan out some healthy meals for the week. If you already have a plan for the night, you’re way less likely to order that Chinese take-out!
  • Stock Up with Healthy Food: If I have washed and ready fruit, I’m way more likely to snack on that rather than a bag of chips. Have healthy snacks and meals ready to go so you reach for them rather than less healthy options. 
  • Schedule Workouts like any other appointment & Find What You Love: Make time for the gym or an at-home workout like you would a dentist appointment. Block out time for it and commit yourself to that time. I like to make YouTube playlists so that I can just hit play and get my workout in after work.
  • Don’t restrict anything 100%: A Healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean constant kale salads and green juice. To me, it’s all about balance. Restricting foods will never bring you to your goals. It will only make you want it more. I always make sure to include something sweet on a daily basis. I also love to eat plenty of tacos and sweet potato fries!
  • Acknowledge your excuses: Sit down and think about the excuses you’re making for not working out or eating better. Acknowledge these and let them go. Come up with a plan to work through those by making both short term and long term goals.

How do you get back on track? Favorite indulgence?

Tell me in the comments below!

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