5 Truths of Natural Childbirth

5 Truths of Natural Childbirth

If you read Aubrey’s birth story, then you know that I had an all natural childbirth. While this was something that I was hoping to be able to do, it was even tougher than I had expected. Here are five honest truths that I’ve learned from my own experience. 

5 Truths of Natural Childbirth

  • No amount of prep or assistance will help: No amount of breathing practice, coaching, visualizations, etc. helped me. The pain of active labor is beyond anything that can be described. It’s something I had to just writhe through. I did have an absolutely amazing nurse during the worst parts as well as amazing support from Daniel which helped more than they know.
  • I did not immediately forget about the pain once I saw her face: You know how everyone says that you’ll forget all about the pain right away? For me, that’s a lie. I still haven’t forgotten about it!
  • I am still wondering how I will ever do it again if I want another child: I’d love for Aubrey to have a sibling one day but I am honestly terrified of doing everything all over again. 
  • I wouldn’t describe it as “beautiful”: Aubrey is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen in my life. Birth? Not beautiful. 🙂 Sorry not sorry. 
  • Feeling her on my chest was the best moment of my life: After such immense pain, feeling her on my chest and feeling some relief from pain was so amazing. I loved how her small body fit on my chest. I’ll never forget that moment. Also, in true Heather fashion, I ordered breakfast within 30 minutes of pushing her out 😀

Everyone’s Different!

Everyone has different experiences and feelings toward childbirth. I am still getting over the more traumatizing aspects of it. I’m thankful that I carried and grew a healthy baby and continue to watch in amazement as she grows and changes before my eyes. She really is a gift. 

I’m working on a post about postpartum recovery, how mine is going, and I’ll be answering any questions you’ve always wanted to know but have been too afraid to ask. If you have a question about labor, delivery, or recovery, leave it in the comments below or shoot me an email at PolyglotJot@Gmail.com. I’ll be answering your questions and chatting about recovery in a post coming up!

Moms, was birth different than your expectations? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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