5 Ways To Feel More Put Together

5 Ways To Feel More Put Together

Happy Monday, Friends! Sorry for being MIA last week! It was a busy one and I’m feeling extra tired as Aubrey’s not sleeping so great lately. Today’s post definitely comes at a good time! Most days I feel like a hot mess express. I’m pretty exhausted every day because Aubrey still feeds 2 times per night….sometimes 3 (she’s almost 8 months). So, it’s been important for me to find ways to feel a bit more put together. When I feel more put together, things go a lot smoother in my household. Here’s are five things I’ve been trying to do!

5 Ways To Feel More Put Together

  • Make Your Bed: Most days I can remember to at least make my bed in the mornings. For some reason, the simple act of having the bed made makes me feel more put together. When things are a bit tidy, I don’t feel so overwhelmed by everything I still need to do.
  • Plan Your Meals: This doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering and time intensive. Before grocery shopping, I take inventory of what we already have and then plan meals for the upcoming week. I then make a list from those meals and write up a menu board in my kitchen. Then, when I’m half asleep, I look at my menu board and make the meal of the day. Breakfast is oats or eggs, lunches are dinner leftovers…done! Also, meals don’t have to be complicated! Some nights I pop frozen veggie burgers in the oven, steam a veggie, and throw it over some pasta and jarred marinara! Would you be interested in a grocery haul/menu post?
  • Take a Shower: Showers have been a savior. Showers are relaxing when I’m overwhelmed, they help wake me up when I’m half asleep before work, and it helps me feel more put together. I shoot for a shower every other day and it definitely helps me feel so much better!
  • Do Something for Yourself: When it seems like my life is stressful, exhausting, and hectic, doing something simple for myself helps me to calm down and find a new perspective. Lighting some candles, reading, watching a show, or working on some blog work have been some helpful and relaxing/fun me-time activities. You can find more ideas on my 10 Simple Self-Care Ideas post!
  • Sleep When You Can: After a few rough teething nights or a few stressful work days, getting rest is hard to come by but very necessary. Sometimes this means that I have to go to bed after Aubrey goes down. This is sometimes as early as 7pm. Rather than make myself stay up, catching that first stretch of sleep before her next feeding is necessary. There will be time for tv watching, exercising, and housework another day. Sleep must be a priority however you can get it!

Hope this little list helps some tired, stressed, mama’s, mama’s to be, overworked people, or all of the above!

Are you a bed maker? Favorite thing to do for yourself?

Tell me in the Comments below!

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Feel More Put Together

  1. Messy messy messy… life sometimes just feels so bloody messy doesn’t it? Lack of sleep is probably the worst perpetuator of this. I totally agree it can be the smallest things that can help us to feel a little more calm… a little more in control. I love when I make my bed. Sometimes I neglect it as I feel I don’t have time, but when I do, I feel so much more put together, calm and focused. A put together room = calm mind.

    I hope this past week has offered you a bit more sleep, relaxation and time for yourself Heather <3

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