5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Time

5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Time

One of my hopes for this year is to be more intentional with my time. Sometimes I find myself mindlessly scrolling through social media while Aubrey naps, when there are other things I could be doing. As a blogger, I know it’s important to be active and engaging on social media. However, I think that with intentional planning, I could be spending less time scrolling and more time knocking things off my list that I want to be doing; including self-care and relaxing! Today I’m sharing 5 ways to be more intentional with your time if you find yourself in the same boat.

5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Time

  • Make To-Do Lists: Keep a list for daily and/or weekly or monthly tasks and goals. Keep things simple and attainable so you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. Break chores down in to small tasks each day rather than all chores done in one day. For example, maybe one day for dusting, one for changing sheets, one for laundry and vaccuuming, etc. 
  • Schedule time for self-care and relaxing: If you don’t schedule time to relax, you won’t want to be intentional with any other free time that you might have. Make time to do something you love, to listen to music, to watch a movie, or read, and before you know it, you will get in to the habit of making some time for yourself.
  • Find your pockets of free time throughout the day/week: If we really thought about the amount of time we spend sitting on our phones, I think most of us would be embarrassed at the hours spent on our phones per day/week/month. In those 5-10 minutes of mindless scrolling, what else could you be  doing? Could you do some quick dusting, start on meal prep for dinner or lunch, or maybe grab a nice hot shower for some self-care time!
  • Before picking up your phone, ask yourself:
    • What else was I hoping to get done today? Keep your to-do list close by and glance at it before you pick up your phone.
    • What can I do right now to make things easier on myself? Is there a chore you’ve been putting off, some bills you can pay online, some laundry you could fold?
    • Is there something more productive that I can be working on right now that doesn’t involve my phone? Have I done the things that I was hoping to accomplish today? Is  there anything I wish I could work on?
  • Keep Your Phone out of Reach until you break the habit: Not reaching out for your phone is really hard when it’s all you’re used to. Keep your phone on do not disturb and leave it somewhere you can’t grab at the ready. Sooner or later, you’ll get more used to not having it attached to your hand.

I hope you’ve found these little tips helpful. I know that I have been doing these things and trying to be more mindful of my time. I’ve already seen a difference in my productivity and the things that I’m able to get done. 

How many hours a day do you think you spend on your phone? Which tip resonates with oyu most?

Tell me in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “5 Ways To Be More Intentional With Your Time

  1. Problem is…. my to do list is currently on my phone!!
    Face palm.
    I think right now I’m just trying to be more intentional about doing one thing at a time. Looking at my to do list (wherever it may be), asking myself what will make me feel the best to get done, and then focusing on doing that and just that. Rather than starting 10 things together and constantly getting distracted by the – other – things on my phone. Ugh. It can be hard to focus and get some of those things done, but I try to remind myself how good it will feel if I do.

    • Hahaha, oh no! Yes, that’s a good point too. Feeling scattered as you try to multi-task and get 24984 things done is always so stressful!

  2. I really like your tip about asking those questions before picking up your phone! Such a great idea. I have fallen out of the habit, but for a while, I was putting on my calendar what I wanted to get done during each nap time for the week and it was so helpful! Otherwise, I definitely default to reading blogs. And I really try to do something relaxing on Friday during nap time! I think it’s especially important once you’re a parent and the weekend are not always super relaxing….

    • That’s a good idea! I agree, some days I miss those lazy Saturday and Sundays when recharging meant I could watch movies, read, whatever for who knows how long. Nap Time has become my built in relaxation time for weekends.

  3. Love this! I am SO bad about unintentionally scrolling for way too long. I have always been good about to-do lists and love checking off items that I accomplish. I try to write down my to-do list each night for the next day and figure out when I can best fit in things that I need to get done. I have also started scheduling in “me time” in my calendar for things like taking a bath, reading a book, taking a walk with my dogs. Something about it being on paper makes it more like an appointment, which makes me less likely to skip it! Have a great day!!

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