5 Ways I’ve Lowered My Grocery Bill

5 Ways I’ve Lowered My Grocery Bill

One of my August goals was to lower my grocery bill to $110/week. Before this goal, I was spending at least $125-$145 (sometimes more) every week. Luckily, I have been able to lower my bill with a few thoughtful steps. These five things have helped me to lower the bill significantly. That being said, I still buy all organic produce and will not compromise on quality ingredients. Also, I often have to buy specialty items because I eat dairy free, gluten free, and mostly plant-based! I’ll be sharing my weekly totals for each week of August tomorrow, but today I’m sharing 5 ways I lowered the overall bill!

5 Ways I’ve Lowered My Grocery Bill

  • Meal Plan with Sales: Before making up my grocery list and menu for the week, I checked out the weekly circular and planned my meals using produce on sale. This was also a fun way for me to try produce I’ve never worked with much! 
  • Shop exact Numbers: Once I saw the sale items and planned my meals, I decided on exact amounts I needed. For example, if three recipes I’m making require 1 bell pepper, I’ll buy 3. Having exact amounts will save you buying extra things you do not need. I do buy certain items like onions and potatoes by the bag, though! 
  • Shop Different Stores: I bought organic produce, beans, rice, cereal, and my main items from my local grocery store. For specialty items, paper goods, or other random items, I shopped at my local organic market or my drugstore for. I made sure I was getting the best deals for each item I needed and ended up saving quite a bit just by going to more than one store. 
  • Keep it Simple: I stuck to beans, lentils, tofu, and eggs for proteins, sale item produce, and bulked up dishes with rice and potatoes. Keeping your ingredients simple will also keep your grocery bill low. All of these simple items, make delicious recipes. Check out my recipes for more inspiration! 
  • Stock Up Specialty Item Sales: For my more expensive specialty items, I waited until they were on a sale and then I stocked up on multiple items. It saved me in the long-run and I always like to have some items stocked up in my pantry for a quick meal! 

Would you like to see posts where I share a week’s meal plan, groceries, and total amount spent? What are your tricks? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “5 Ways I’ve Lowered My Grocery Bill

  1. The way you do this is really smart; I think the tip that I’ve been implementing more is buying exact amounts of what we need; I need to implement this too when I buy my favorite foods such as nut butter and granola. One of my favorite tips would be to only shop items on sale and not buy things if they aren’t on sale. If they aren’t on sale, most of the time, we don’t need them.

    • Nut butter–there’s never such a thing as too much nut butter 😀 Wow only shopping for sale items would be quite challenging–I’d be interested to see how much I could still get! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looking through grocery circulars is one of my weekly routines. Even though I eat most meals in my school cafeteria, I like to know what snacks I can get for a discount. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    • That’s so awesome you’re already doing that on a regular basis–you’ll thank yourself when you’re out of school and need to do more grocery shopping!

  3. Love seeing posts like this and would love to see a grocery haul with exact items. I try to keep my grocery bill below $120 and I am usually able to do it. One way I have found to save a lot of money is to stock up on fresh fruit that is on sale and freeze it for smoothies since frozen fruit is so expensive. For example, at my grocery store a pineapple is regularly $3.99 but it often goes on sale for $.99 so when that happens I buy 5 or 6 and chop them up and freeze them for my smoothies.

  4. I love these tips! I always overspend and end up buying things I don’t need. We do shop at two different grocery stores because one of them is much cheaper than the other and the products are good! I would love to see weekly meal plan posts. I am always looking for inspiration.

    • Great, I’ll definitely try to include some of those types of posts. Shopping at more than one location has been a game changer!

  5. “Stick to the basics” is one I practice by going to Aldi. They have less options so I’m less tempted. I also find that having a plan always saves me money!

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