5 Ways to Relieve Back/Neck Pain

5 Ways to Relieve Back/Neck Pain

I’ve been struggling off and on with back and neck pain, and am finally beginning to feel relief. My range of motion and overall pain levels are so much butter. Today I am here to share what has worked for me. Of course I would highly recommend checking in with your doctor before deciding to do anything on your own. I hope some of my suggestions help someone else out going through something similar!

5 Ways to Relieve Back/Neck Pain

  • Weekly Deep Tissue Massage: For the past 3 weeks, I’ve gone to a medical massage therapist for a deep tissue massage. It has helped get out all of the knots and tension so much. The massage itself can be painful and intense, but I always feel so much better after; especially the following day. They are a bit pricy, so shop around. Remember, the once a week is only until you’re feeling better. After that, you may only need to go as necessary. 
  • Daily Stretching: During my workday, I am taking 5-10 minute breaks from my chair about once an hour or once every 90 minutes. I do a lap around my building and some quick neck and back stretches. Once I get home, I do a longer full body stretching routine. There are some great YouTube videos if you search yoga for back pain!
  • Heat after a long Day: On days when I was feeling extra sore and tense, I put a heating pad on my back and neck area after work. I did about 15 minutes of heat and it made a huge difference in pain management. Also, a warm shower helped to ease aching muscles if I didn’t want to do the heating pad.
  • Daily Self-Massage: I did a little research and learned some self-massage techniques to hold me over until my massage appointment. I did about 10 minutes of this after work and it really helped me to ease off the tension before bed. 
  • Using a backpack: Rather than carry multiple bags and a heavy purse, I put everything I need in to a backpack. The weight being evenly distributed on my shoulders has made a big difference. Only downside? People already think I look 12 years old and now I have a backpack on the way to work….oh well!

I hope these little pointers help anyone out there struggling with tension and back pain. I can say from experience that the deep tissue massage has been a real life saver! 

Favorite back pain remedy? Purse or backpack? Ever done deep tissue massage?

Tell me in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Relieve Back/Neck Pain

  1. Using a backpack is a great tip. I remember my back doctor asking me how heavy I thought my purse was… I said probably around 10 lbs… She said that was WAY too heavy and that it should be around 1lb at most…. I am cautious these days and only take what I really need in my purse to keep it light on my shoulder.

  2. Oh gosh I need a deep tissue massage soooo badly! Until then I have a tennis ball that I roll around on. It really helps to get those knots in my back!

  3. I love a deep tissue massage!! I don’t get them enough. I hurt my back a couple of years ago, and I have found that stretching really helps to relieve the pain. A heating pad also does wonders for when it feels tight and I am having a hard time moving. I’m glad you’re getting better!

    • Thanks, Marina! I’d recomend checking out Living Social and Groupon for city deals. Ive gotten some great massages in the city for like 20-40 dollars for an hour.

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