5 Ways to Stay Healthy with a Newborn

5 Ways to Stay Healthy with a Newborn

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? We had some lovely weekend weather here in PA and I got in some walks with Aubrey. What did you do this weekend? Tell me in the comments below! Today I’m sharing 5 tips for staying healthy with a newborn. Being healthy is a challenge on it’s own, adding in a newborn with constant needs is even tougher. Here are five things that have helped in my quest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy with a Newborn

  • Prep Ahead: I have been getting ingredients for big salads and putting it together for the week. I also be sure to wash and prep any fruit for the week so that I can just grab them quickly in between feedings. Also life savers have been frozen veggie burgers, meals brought in from family to reheat, and making up some rice, veggies, and tofu/beans for rice bowls. 
  • Ask for help: Everyone who has been offering to help you when the baby comes since you’ve been pregnant? Hold them to it. Ask for meals, ask for help with laundry or cleaning, or ask them to hold the baby so you can eat, shower, be human. If you don’t have family or friends nearby, don’t be afraid to hire someone to clean, order some takeout, or watch the baby while you work out or have a meal with your spouse.
  • Splurge on Prepped food/Delivery: Pay a little more for pre-cut fruit, washed veggies, or even a grocery delivery service. Not having to worry about finding time to go food shopping, bringing a fussy newborn to the store, and/or finding time to wash fruit and veggies will be a life saver. 
  • Use large water bottle: Staying hydrated is always important but it’s even more important while breastfeeding. Not being hydrated messes with your milk supply, so it’s very important to drink, drink, drink. I refill a 32 oz water bottle and take it everywhere I go. That way, staying hydrated is super easy. I drink about 3-4 of them per day.
  • Get Outside: Spending time outside whether alone or with baby will do you both good. A change of scenery will help both moods, help baby to sleep better, and keep you sane during those tougher days. Being outside for a walk is so much more than the importance of the physical exercise. It does your mental health wonders as well. 

How do you stay healthy during busy times of life? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Healthy with a Newborn

  1. Love this post! Such great tips. I don’t have a baby but when I’m super busy I try to plan my meals/workouts ahead of time and make sure to schedule everything into my day. Love your tip about getting outside 🙂

  2. Love that you added asking for help. It’s always a good thing when the young moms in church ask for help… I’m not always able to help, but it’s amazing, because there is always someone who is able to help baby sit or cook or clean.

  3. Great tips! I know my busy times are not near like yours is right now, but I think the food prep helps tremendously! It ensures that you grab healthy foods instead of something healthy when you don’t have much time. I really like the one about going outside. I think that is a great idea! One of my friends had her first baby last year and she took the baby outside except to go to the doctor for MONTHS! It was crazy!

    • Food prep is so important for staying healthy during busy times. Yes, it can be hard getting out the door..even I was surprised at how long it took me to want to get outside. Once I did, I was much happier!

  4. I love these! There was a guy I worked with having a baby and he said they already had all of the baby stuff they needed so everyone gave him Postmates gift cards to get food delivered – I’m definitely doing that for pregnant friends in the future! As adorable as tiny baby clothes are, it’s such a treat in the beginning to not have to worry about food.

  5. Ah. It’s so wonderful to see you encouraging others to ask for help. That can be a really hard/uncomfortable thing for some people to do. But most likely there are people who LOVE knowing they are giving a helping get hand. And can be such a life changer for a new mom. Hope you are continuing to get some extra support to give you the time and rest you need <3

    • Yes, it can be hard at first but I’ve found that if I just ask for what I need, people are happy to do it. Thank you!

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