5 Ways to Stop Hateful Self-Talk

5 Ways to Stop Hateful Self-Talk

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Mine was slow paced and relaxing, which is just what the doctor ordered! Don’t you just love a nice lazy weekend with friends and family? Always sets me up for a good week!

I’m sure most women reading this can relate to a time that they were unhappy with the way they looked. We are often the hardest on ourselves and think terrible things about our own bodies. I myself have struggled with this very often over the years on an almost daily basis. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to stop that hateful self-talk. I’d love to hear your own thoughts and comments on this issue below!

5 Ways to Stop Hateful Self-Talk:

  • Stop the Mirror Judging: Nothing good comes from standing in front of a mirror with the intention of picking yourself apart. Your flaws make you beautifully unique. 
  • Think about what your body can do: Your body is strong and capable. It gets you to many places throughout the day, gets you through your workouts, etc. Think about everything that you are able to get accomplished on a daily basis because of the body that you have!
  • Talk to yourself like you would a loved one: Chances are you would never walk up to your sibling or spouse and tell them they’re looking chunky and bloated today. Before you think negative thoughts, ask yourself would you say this to the people you love most?
  • Replace every negative thought with a positive compliment: When those bad thoughts do come out, replace each and every one with a self-compliment. Once you do that long enough, you will begin to have more self-confidence.
  • Stop Comparing: Everyone has their own struggles in life, don’t compare your life to someone else’s. Comparing yourself to another person will only make you resent yourself more. Focus on forming relationships with those you love and admire. 

How do you stop self-hating thoughts? Do you struggle with this? Ever compliment yourself?

Tell me in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stop Hateful Self-Talk

  1. Yes, I would definitely say that the mirror doesn’t help, neither does the scale (for me) in most cases. And comparison is HUGE; remembering that we were all made differently is so important to remember.

  2. stopping the mirror judging was such an important one for me. Standing in front of the mirror and overanalyzing myself and how I look gets me nowhere. Great post girl!

  3. This post was so refreshing! I totally am with you. Thinking about all the cool things our bodies CAN do is so amazing. The human body is a true work of art 🙂

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