5 Winter Date Ideas:

5 Winter Date Ideas:

When the cold weather hits, I become quite hermit-like. I hate the cold and do not want to go outside unless I have to. Sometimes forcing myself to get out and about in the Winter can be a really good thing though. Getting out with Daniel even during the cold months can really be a mood booster. Today I’m doing some thinking out loud and sharing some Winter date ideas!

5 Winter Date Ideas:

  • Ice Skating & Hot Chocolate: The classic winter date idea! Rent some ice skates and hold on to each other for balance. Afterwards warm up with some hot chocolate or coffee! 
  • Cooking Class: Check out local cooking class options in your area. Sign up to learn how to cook a new dish together. Most classes will also allow you to eat what you’ve prepared in class!
  • Take-Out & a Movie Rental: Order take-out of your choice, make a cozy blanket nest and rent a movie you’ve both been dying to watch. Bonus points if you light some winter scented candles too!
  • Christmas Light Drive: Walk or drive around your neighborhood and check out the Christmas lights. It’s free and you’ll have to snuggle to keep warm! 🙂
  • Progressive Dinner: Pick out three different spots to eat a meal. Go to a restaurant for an appetizer, another for an entree, and a third for dessert. You could also get friends involved and go to a different friends house for each course!

What Winter date ideas do you have? Coffee or hot chocolate?

Tell me in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “5 Winter Date Ideas:

  1. Awwww. Dan is so busy this month traveling to and playing so many shows, but we have made it clear that we need at least one full afternoon date of christmas cookie baking and movie watching. With blanket and hot chocolate very much necessary (at least for me). I love the idea of skating too but I hate the cold so my dates will need to stay indoors, aha. Also – cooking class – I really think I’m going to look into this.

    • I know, I’m dying to do a class now! Christmas shows are a great one too! I’ve done the Nutcracker a few years and its so fun!

  2. I like the movie date but it sounds kinda like it will lead to a Netflix and chill kinda situation if you’re not careful, which is fine if that’s where your relationship is. I like the holiday cooking class one for an early-in-the relationship date. I wouldn’t have thought of that one.

    • You could always take it to the movie theater if you’re not comfortable in someone’s home too! Cooking class would be a fun way to get to know a new relationship!

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