6 Adulting Realizations

6 Adulting Realizations

Growing up takes time and there are lots of lessons learned along the way. Some you learn by listening to advice, while other things you learn the hard way. Today I thought I’d share some things I’ve come to realize as I grow older. I’d love to hear your own thoughts in the comment section below!

  • My Parents are Awesome: When I look back at my childhood and see how many sacrifices my parents made for me I am amazed. They worked so so hard so that my sisters and I could have a safe, healthy, and happy childhood and adolescence. I am forever grateful for all that they did for us. I see them more as my friends now and I love spending time with them. They’re always there if I need them. Shout out to my parents if you’re reading! Love you!
  • I’ll Never “Feel” Like an Adult: I used to think that when I graduated college and got a job that I would feel totally confident and ready to conquer the “real world”. Bahahahaha…no! Of  course I have changed a lot in many ways but in many ways I’m still the same person I’ve always been!
  • Everyone’s Just Trying to Figure it Out: Whenever I looked at adults as a young kid, I used to think they all had perfect jobs, 2 kids, all the money they needed, and everything was fine and dandy. But really, no matter the age, we’re all just figuring it out. Everyone has different challenges, but no one has it all figured out!
  • My Fun will be Mostly Scheduled: Gone are the days of spontaneous dinners with friends after school or hanging out together on a weeknight. If I want to hang out with my friends, I have to go through my calendar and there’s and schedule a lunch 2 months in advance. It’s hard but not impossible to have fun! Also, most weeknights all I want to do is eat dinner and be at home…lets be honest!
  • Time will Speed up: When I was in high school and college, time seemed to go as slow as molasses (except during summer break)! It seems as though that as soon as I got married time began to zoom away from me. Somehow I’ve been married for 3 1/2 years and my niece is almost 2…what is happening?!
  • People You Love will Scatter Often: After school, many people move for jobs, move for a change, move with spouses, etc. I have said goodbye to many people that I love and have felt the sad winds of change. People you love will not be so close to you anymore and that does not really ever get any easier. Change and sometimes miles come between your loved ones when you grow up.

“Adulting” has definitely had it’s challenges but I have a wonderful support system. I feel lucky to be learning navigating the world with my best friend alongside me for the ride. I am excited to see where life will take us on this crazy journey. Remember, you’re probably doing much better than you think!

Do you relate to these realizations? What have you learned? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “6 Adulting Realizations

  1. I totally relate to these, especially “my parents are awesome”. I guess we don’t realize it or want to admit it until we grow up haha! Time is definitely flying for me, I have one year left of college already, what?! Adulting is hard but these realizations are so true.

  2. It’s crazy how time has sped up! I can remember days in high school and even college that lasted forever. But now, it seems like I blink and 2 months have gone by. How do we get it to slow back down?? 🙂

    • I know! School years in elementary-high school=24794298489 years! Now I blink and I graduated college 3 1/2 years ago!

  3. I’m 32 – with a child – and I still don’t *feel* like an adult. Well, except on those days where I’m dog-tired and feel like an 80-year-old. 😉
    And YES! to all of the others, too, especially the time speeding up thing. Gah…

    • I know sometimes i feel so old when im so tired at 8:00pm. And listening to my headphones with iced water is my idea of the perfect ending to the day…haha!

  4. Its amazing to think back to when I was young and would look up at those 20 year olds and think they were SO old and SO cool. I couldn’t wait to be “that old.” And now here I am at an age I once thought was ancient and that by this time I would be some briefcase carrying professional with children and lots of money (ha) – and am absolutely anything but. I am so different than my expectations I once had about what I’d be like in adulthood, and I surprise myself every day with the reminder that I am this age. But… that’s all okay. Just because we are “adults,” doesn’t mean we can’t cry or worry or have melt downs or call our parents when we need help. We are all – no matter the age – just wading our way through life together and it doesn’t matter how we do it.

    • Love this, Cora! So so true. I thought everyone our age had it all together with homes that they bought, perfectly paid jobs, and 2 kids with a white picket fenced backyard. haha! Love the wading through life together…so true!

  5. I totally feel you on all of these! Time does fly now, and I hate that!! I am also so grateful for my parents. It’s like once I grew up, I had a whole new appreciation for them. i don’t feel old at all! And dinner with friends..now we have to schedule around kids and sitters. Lol

    • yep–or everything just has a million things to do with their own families and its hard to coordinate schedules!

  6. Heather, OF COURSE I’m Reading your blog!! Thanks for the kind words, and no, we didn’t have it all figured back then, and still don’t!! But ,Wow, didn’t we all have a good time together! I loved hauling you girls around to dancing , swimming ,Pocono summer camp, school,Lancaster trips etc., etc.,, and especially Flor-Ta!!! Checking out colleges– You were so apologetic when you wouldn’t like a school that we had traveled far to visit — Heck, I saw it as a fun time to visit someplace we wouldn’t be seeing otherwise ,even all the way to Florida! Yes, you just have to enjoy things as they come and look forward to whatever comes next. Looking back, I would think, Wow this is great; how could anything be better than this ? Then life would change things around a bit and after a little turmoil things would settle down again and I would think, Man, THIS is even better than before ! Now look ; I’m getting paid to stay home and do what I feel like ( with limitations, of course) It doesn’t get any better than that! — or does it? Stay tuned Love ,Dear OLD Dad aka Pap-Pap

  7. I definitely feel like time is flying as I get over. And YES to realizing how awesome our parents are. I used to be so embarrassed to be with them and now I cherish our time together and am so thankful!

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