A Baby Sprinkle

A Baby Sprinkle

Happy Wednesday!! How are you all doing? I am thrilled to say that I’ve made it to 37 weeks and can now safely have this baby at any time. Such a relief that I can now just allow things to happen as they happen and not be stressing about a premature baby.

Over the weekend, my sister, mom and I threw my other sister a baby sprinkle for her 2nd baby. She is pregnant with baby number 2; a boy due this August! 

A Baby Sprinkle

We decided on a cute animal theme as it is the theme of her nursery. Also, who doesn’t love cute monkeys and animals?! Luckily we had some great weather so we decided to set up under a tent outside and it turned out great! It may have taken four of us, but we sure managed to get that tent up quickly! 

The buffet and drinks were set up inside with quite a spread of options! My mom made different finger sandwiches which were a big hit. My sister got a vegetable sushi platter, fruit tray, cupcakes, and a salad. I made an Asian style quinoa salad, a veggie tray with hummus, chips, and drinks. I also brought some of Kat’s Blueberry Banana Muffins but added chocolate chips instead of blueberries. Everything was delicious!

We chatted while we ate the delicious spread and then enjoyed her opening up her gifts. Overall it was a perfect little celebration and I think she got some great items that she needed. I’m so glad we were able to throw her this little celebration. I’m so excited to meet this little guy this summer! <3 My niece is getting in some big sister practice too! 🙂

Best themed party you’ve been to? Favorite nursery theme idea?

Tell me in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “A Baby Sprinkle

  1. Two babies in the family in one summer!! Holy too much excitement. I have never heard the term “baby sprinkle.” Is this an actual thing or something you just creatively made up?

    • I know my parents are going from 1 to 3 grandchildren in the blink of an eye! Cant take credit for “sprinkle” its a term used for a small scale shower for a 2nd baby!

  2. That’s so neat that you and your sister are both having babies this year. It’s so fun how they called it a ‘baby sprinkle.’ Hmm…. I can’t really remember all of the baby showers I’ve been too, so I can’t quite remember my favorite theme.

  3. YAY for being at a healthy time in your pregnancy now! [well, in terms of due date I mean!] My mom had both my sister and I really early, so that is something that I am always worried about as well when it comes to having a baby but we will see what happens when the time comes! 🙂
    So glad you liked my muffins enough to bring them to the party! Hope they were well received <3

    • Aww you were also a preemie?! I know, it’s so nerve wracking! Yes I love those muffins this was my 3rd time bringing them to a family gathering. I typically do the blueberries but only had chocolate chips on hand this time–I wasn’t sad about it! haha!

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