A Random Weekend

A Random Weekend

So, my original plan for today was to do a Valentine’s Day recap. Daniel’s birthday is also Valentine’s Day so we usually go out to dinner and do something extra special. This year however, Daniel ended up taking a job and working all weekend so we weren’t able to do anything. We will have plenty of time to celebrate on our vacation, so I’m not upset :). 

This weekend was absolutely freezing with negative wind chills so I decided to stay in. I used my local grocery stores delivery service called Peapod and had my groceries delivered to my apartment on Saturday! The website was really easy to navigate and it was pretty awesome to order groceries from my couch! I chose the 10-12pm delivery time slot and they ended up coming at 11:45. Only downside is you have to order the groceries like 4 or 5 days in advance and delivery times sell out quickly. 

Everything was in good shape except for my eggs got smashed in the truck. They apologized and took it off the bill but I really wanted to have those eggs! Oh well! I’m thinking of ordering groceries to be delivered after our vacation too. We shall see! This week’s meals are really simple so that we can clean out our fridge before going away. 

  • Saturday: Veggie burger, roasted potatoes, and broccoli
  • Sunday: Veggie & tofu stir fry
  • Monday: Sweet potatoes, Fried Egg over Spinach
  • Tuesday: Chicken Pasta
  • Wednesday: Waffles with peanut butter & eggs
  • Thursday: Whatever is left in the refrigerator (Yes, that’s what I wrote on my meal board)
  • Friday: VACATION TIME! 

My stomach has been a little off this weekend, so I pretty much just worked on blog posts and watched a bunch of movies and enjoyed plenty of coffee. It was the relaxing weekend I needed after a long stressful week last week. Hopefully my shorter week will fly on by so I can bust out on Thursday and gear up for my vacation! 

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Here’s what my workout schedule looks like this week:

So, I hope that you are all off to a great week. Sorry this post is a little random and scattered, but so goes life! I hope you all had a relaxing fun and/or romantic Valentine’s Day weekend with loved ones or perhaps showing yourself some self-love and enjoying some takeout and Netflix 🙂 

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me in the Comments below!

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16 thoughts on “A Random Weekend

    • Nothing says romance like deep cleaning! haha! thats funny–I guess I wont feel guilty about watching movies on the couch all weekend

  1. Ok I am totally jealous that you have delivery service for your groceries!! That is awesome! We had a really low key Valentine’s Day too – dinner and TV! Lol How exciting that your vacation is almost here! I can’t wait to hear about it and live through you…I wish I could be somewhere tropical right now!!

    • yes, its only offered in select cities/areas but it’s awesome. I think a lot of people love it around here for the winter weather when its so cold and/or icy so they dont have to worry about going out.

      I know its snowing and sleeting here today…I’m reminding myself that this time next week I will be warm!

  2. We have PeaPod in my area as well. I have been super curious about it, but get uneasy about others picking out my groceries for me. How do they seem to do with picking out your fresh fruits and veggies?

    • I felt the same about that! All of the produce i ordered was really fresh and I didnt have an issue with any of it. I was pleasantly surprised! They also send you a text when the drivers about to come to your location and when they arrive you get another so you’re very prepared haha! 🙂

    • wow 25 dollars?! Our delivery charge is 8.99 but i had a coupon for free delivery for your first peapod order! its great for winter! i’d be shuffling down to the store if it was 25 dollars too!

  3. I hope you’re feeling better, girl!! That’s never fun….but relaxing is always nice ; )

    Ryan and I tend not to do things the “normal” way, so we have schedule time off of our “work schedule” {we both work from home} to spend yesterday and today doing what we love! Today was a walk along the beach, a lunch out and then off to see a movie!!!


    • yeah, i agree. i always enjoy reading other people’s random posts!

      I do Fitness Blender workouts but I’ve also heard great things about Pop Pilates!

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