Adding to the Noise

Adding to the Noise

Although I enjoy getting a lot of things done and feeling accomplished, I don’t enjoy the pressure to be constantly busy. From the moment our eyes open to the moment they close in the evenings, we hustle and bustle from place to place and task to task in a whirlwind of activities and commitments. If we have an ounce of time to ourselves, we fill it with mindless scrolling, craning our necks to look down at our phones and we ignore the world around us.

Today I hope that you take a moment to look up and take some time out. It’s okay to fill some of your  time with silence, with reflection, and with relaxation. Relaxation is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Rather than fill your quiet times with unnecessary noise, I encourage you to embrace the silence. Here are a few simple things I’ve been doing recently to embrace that quiet.

Embracing the Quiet

  • Keeping my Phone on Silent: I am so much less likely to scroll and check my phone when I can’t hear it ring, buzz, or alert me in any way. 
  • Having a Book on Hand: Once I get in to my book, I reach for it on the train, at night before bed, and in any free time I might have. I love enjoying a good book rather than mindless looking at my phone.
  • Using my Eyes to see and not to scroll: I’ve taken the time to look out the window on the train, take a walk on my lunch break and look at the trees, and taken more face to face time with friends and coworkers which is quite refreshing.
  • Avoiding Screens before bed: Not staring at my phone for hours helps me feel more prepared for sleep. Not so much in the sense that looking at my phone doesn’t make me tired, but in the sense  that I don’t end the day wishing I was living someone else’s life that I read about or saw on social media. I simply feel more satisfied. 
  • Listening to my Body: I don’t care if it’s 7pm or 11pm, when I feel tired and if I’m able to go to sleep, I do. If I’m hungry, I eat. Taking care of my body is obviously extra important these days but it’s also been a reminder that there are no set “rules” to follow with sleeping, schedules, food times, etc. It’s important to listen to our ever-changing bodies! 

Final Thoughts:

I hope that you take some time for yourself today and enjoy a quiet moment. It may not feel comfortable or easy, but soon you’ll be craving that time. I know for me, since trying to be less phone obsessed, I’ve learned a lot.

I hope to continue to avoid comparing my real life to other’s social media”lives” and just enjoy my own. We are given one life and it is a gift. I intend to enjoy it by learning, loving, and accepting life’s little challenges each day. 

Favorite way to unwind? Favorite leisurely pastime? Current book?

Tell me in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Adding to the Noise

  1. I love this SO much and could not agree more. I definitely have a tendency to get restless and feel like I should be using every spare minute, but when I actually choose somethin relaxing, I feel so happy. My favorite relaxing pastime is reading a good book on our back patio…preferably with a cup of tea or a glass of wine 🙂

    • That sounds great! We have a balcony at our new condo and I’m looking forward to some reading and wine sipping this summer! 😀

  2. Great post! I try to be more mindful in my day to day life, especially when I realize I have been scrolling mindlessly. Thankfully, these days I stay pretty busy, which leaves little time for scrolling.

  3. I need this soooo bad right now. I don’t know what triggered it but for weeks now it’s like I’ve been working triple over time trying so hard to distract myself and fill every second of my time. Going to my phone… writing things on my to do list… anything to eliminate any possibility of silence. I’m doing this because I’m anxious about something, but the ironic thing is is that this is making my anxiety SO much stronger. Now, because I’ve gotten into this nasty groove, any moment of time that doesn’t have a plan or is filled with something feels really really hard. Its all making me feel crazy and completely out of control. Like there is NOISE ALL THE TIME. I know I need to just work really consciously to eliminate all those things I am trying to distract myself with. I have to let some things go. First it needs to be my phone. Then my to do list. Maybe even take time away from the blog and commenting. Anything to just get back to a fresh start.. simpleness.. silence.. so that I can work my way back up in grace. Sorry for the mind dump. I’ve actually been writing a post to do with this but felt the need to splatter it out here because of the ironic timing. Thank you so much for this reminder.

    • I’m sorry, Cora! That same thing happens to me when I’m really anxious too! I almost always turn to my phone and it makes me even more anxious! Why do we do these things to ourselves!? I like what you said about tackling each thing one at a time rather than just eliminating all scrolling, all to do lists, all commenting, etc all at once! That in itself would make for some anxiety too I’d think!

  4. It’s been really good being on this vacation because we have 3-4 hours of mostly just going up and down the slopes quietly… I stink at embracing quiet, but I actually love it when I do have quiet moments, quiet times just listening to quiet music or just thinking or reading…

    • That sounds lovely! I used to be terrible at embracing the quiet but I find I enjoy it now! Reading and listening to music sounds lovely! Even when I’m doing some light cooking I feel relaxed!

  5. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I was noticing just today how every single friggin person on the bus was on their phone–except for me. I’m not saying I’m all high and might about avoiding the scrolling thing, though. Between grad school, teaching, and my blog, I spend my life on my computer. Thanks for the reminder to keep a book on hand. It really does help with that positive head space thing. And just being present in our surroundings, whether that’s listening to our hunger or our tiredness or watching the scenery out the window. Love this post!

    • I always look around on the train or while waiting at the station and am sad to see every last person staring down at their phone! Thanks, Joyce!

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