An Ode to Cauliflower

An Ode to Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of those forgotten vegetables. People assume it’s bland and a take it or leave it kind of thing. Today I’m here to profess my love of this stuff to the universe. Over the past year or so, I’ve completely become obsessed with all of the uses of cauliflower and I’m continually amazed at how versatile it is! If you haven’t yet experienced the joys of this stuff, I’m here to share some delicious ideas on how to get started! 

An Ode to Cauliflower

  • Cauliflower Wings: I kid you not when I tell you that cauliflower wings are better than any chicken wings that you can have. You will not miss the meat when you make cauliflower wings. There are tons of different recipes around for these wings but THE BEST I have ever eaten are the Hot for Food Blog’s wing recipe. I tend to go the BBQ route and swap the called for hot sauce for some smokey BBQ sauce! 

  • “Rice” for stir fry: Crumbled cauliflower becomes the perfect alternative to rice and is so easy to prep. If you’re looking for some lower carb options or just want to shake up the normal routine, try some riced cauliflower! Some stores even sell cauliflower “rice” already crumbled!
  • “Chinese” take-out style Cauliflower: When cauliflower is roasted, it has a totally delicious meaty texture and therefore makes the perfect vegan meat swap! Similarly to the wings, cauliflower is amazing to create chinese “chicken” style recipes. Make some sweet and sour cauliflower, general tso’s cauliflower, and you’ve got yourself a healthier and vegan option! I really loved making Jessica in the Kitchen’s sticky sesame cauliflower recipe! 

  • Cauliflower “Stuffing”: I made Delish’s Best Cauliflower Stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving and it really had great flavor. If you can’t afford to buy gluten free breadcrumbs or are looking for a low carb alternative to stuffing, this had all the flavors of stuffing without the bread!

  • Steamed and pureed to bind: I have also discovered the joys of cauliflower as a binder! Steaming cauliflower and then processing it together with flax or cooked quinoa becomes a great binder for many savory dishes. I especially enjoyed making these Quinoa Pizza Bites using this method!

Around the Web:

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I hope that you embrace this long lost and often forgotten gem called cauliflower! Meat eater or not, I know that you will be able to find something delicious!

Favorite way to use cauliflower? Do you like cauliflower wings?

Tell me in the comments below!

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27 thoughts on “An Ode to Cauliflower

  1. I have a BBQ cauliflower wing recipe on my blog and I LOVE IT. Its probably one of my favorite recipes [savory] that I’ve ever made. I love how versatile cauliflower is!!

  2. I’ve never been a huge cauliflower fan – unTIL I started realizing all the fun ways it can be used. Cauliflower pizza crust can be hit or miss but I love Laura’s from sprint2thetable. I’ve wanted to try both cauliflower wings and a cauliflower “chicken” asian dish for a while and they are both still high on the list. Thanks for the suggestions for where to go!!

  3. If I was being honest with myself I’d have to admit my cauliflower consumption is a little bit crazy. Then again, it truly is such a versatile vegetable. One thing I’ve found is that frozen cauliflower actually lends to even creamier soups and sauces. My favourite use is still as ‘rice’ to bulk up grain dishes.

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