An Unexpected Monday

An Unexpected Monday

An Unexpected Monday

On Monday morning I was taking my usual train commute in to work when something quite unexpected happened. The train was two train cars short so everyone was packed like a cattle car in to the few cars that were available. There were no seats which is a normal occurrence but things were extra packed and it was stifling in the train car. All of the sudden I got very hot, dizzy, and light-headed and tried to ask a man sitting if I could sit down. But, before I knew it I woke up and I had fainted in to the crowd of people also standing.

My Monday was spent at the hospital ensuring that I was okay and baby was okay. Luckily, since it was so crowded, I didn’t fall all the way down but I was caught and guided down to the ground gently. I did not hit or injure anything which is such a blessing. Another blessing? The man standing next to me on the train was a doctor; I know that was God watching over me.Β 

While this experience was scary and gave me some anxiety, I had the support of Daniel the whole day. I called him once I got off the train and was about to get in the ambulance and told him where I would be. Less than an hour later, he had gotten up from sleeping and was by my side. I’m pretty sure my blood pressure lowered just from seeing his face at the hospital.Β 

I Feel It Every Day When:

  • You drive me to work on an icy morning so I don’t slip and fall
  • You drop your day’s plans and show up by my side when I’m afraid at the hospital
  • I’m sick and tired and you make me the foods I can stomach
  • You Tell me I’m beautiful and that you love me every single day

So yes, Monday was unexpected and pretty darn scary. But boy, did I feel the calm assurance of the man who is always by my side encouraging me and loving me no matter what. I’d count that as a beautiful Monday after all. <3

Ever been in an ambulance? Who is your number one supporter?

Tell me in the comments below!

Thank you,Β AmandaΒ for letting me think out loud!

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29 thoughts on “An Unexpected Monday

  1. Did everything check out ok? You just fainted? Nothing serious? Hope you are ok girl! That is scary. I’m glad your man was there for you! Thinking and praying for you <3

  2. Wowsers! That is so scary. I remember the quick blood pressure drops when I was pregnant with the twins. It hits you out of nowhere. It also doesn’t help if it’s really hot. On the plus side: you were able to spend the day with Daniel. I’m keeping you in my prayers!

  3. Oh my! How frightening, Heather! I’m so glad Daniel was there for you. That’s the sign of a real Valentine, in the sense St. Valentine was as a person: not the person who will bring you chocolate and roses but the person who will drop everything to be there for you when you’re sick or in danger.

  4. That’s so scary, Heather!
    I had a similar experience – I forget how many weeks along I was, but I would’ve passed out had I not sat down really fast. Everything started going black and I was so weak. Luckily my husband was with me. Still no idea what it was except maybe the heat.
    Glad you’re ok and that baby is fine as well!

  5. Oh Heather. I am so relieved to hear you are okay. That would have been very scary… for everyone involved. So glad to know Daniel was able to come to you asap and gave you the comfort you needed. Much much love <3

  6. Praise God that you and baby girl are okay! So sorry something like this had to happen to you, Heather. Hope this week is much less stressful for you <3

    • Thank you, Edye! I’m just thankful we are all okay now πŸ™‚ Ever since last Monday I’ve been demanding a seat on the train haha!

  7. I’m so so glad you are okay. That is terrifying. But wow, your perspective is beautiful. You and Daniel are truly an amazing couple, and I love the way you describe how he is your rock in even the small, simple things along with the big things too. Ah, once again- so glad you and baby girl are okay, dear!

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