April Goals & Intentions Review

April Goals & Intentions Review

Happy first day of May and and happy Monday to you! Looking back, I didn’t do so well with completing my goals this month. But, it is what it is! Life has felt so crazy and hectic lately, it’s hard to focus in on finishing things one project at ta time! Either way, here’s how things went.

April Goals & Intentions Review:

  • Finish Nursery: The room is painted, the crib is coming in about two weeks, and we have a good amount of our things we need from the shower. Still in the works are picking out a glider/rocker, exchanging a few shower items, and stocking up on diapers and wipes.
  • Pack Hospital Bag: I bought some travel sized toiletries and snacks and got my nursing gown/robe and going home outfit together. Next weekend I’ll be washing all of baby girl’s blankets, towels, sheets, and clothes, so I should be able to finish packing soon
  • Plan freezer meals: I did zero make-ahead/freezer meal planning or freezing this month. I have barely been able to keep up energy to cook my regular meals let alone extra meals to freeze for later! 
  • Read 2 Books: I read Devoured and am currently finishing up Falling free. Both great reads!
  • Work Ahead on Posts: May content is planned and I hope to put a dent on a few posts that I can pre-write this afternoon. I’m thinking for July/August and possibly June that I might post Monday/Wednesday/Friday rather than Monday-Friday for my own sanity. Thoughts?

How did your goals go last month? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “April Goals & Intentions Review

  1. That’s exciting that the nursery is coming together! I have zero interior decorating skills, but loved planning our nursery 🙂 I used to sit in the glider in there and read before our little guy was born. I felt like I made progress on most of my goals, except for starting a garden, which I made zero progress on…whoops!

    • Reading in the glider sounds amazing right now haha! Starting a garden is a lofty goal–that would scare me!

  2. Great job on the reads! I just bought a new book yesterday. I never ever read, but I’m going on vacation soon, so I figured it would be good to get back into it while traveling. That’s my biggest goal this month- finish that book!

  3. I’m really happy with April goals, and I’m excited about May! I always love that you have goals to read some books. I’ve been slowly working through ‘Spiritual Depression’ and the author is Pastor Martin Lloyd Jones. 🙂 My biggest goal this month is to be consistent on producing podcasts for the blog.

  4. Sounds like you are ahead of the game! I’m sure once you get some freezer meals prepped, you will feel so much more prepared. I can’t wait to get settled into our new house and establish more of a routine.. especially when it comes to blogging!!

    • I feel a little bit more prepped even tonight becuase we went out and got some diapers, the car seat, wipes, the diaper genie, and some swaddlers. Those things were annoying me that I didn’t have!

  5. You are so organized! I still can’t believe you post everyday, I struggle with 3 days a week. Are you planning on doing a post about your hospital bag and freezer prepped meals for after the baby? Would love to read those!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I am planning a whats in my hospital bag post! Im hoping to make my May Foodie Friday recipes my freeze-ahead meals for the most part!

  6. As you get closer to the day, I’d say any productivity is a massive achievement. If blogging is a way for you to relax, that is great, but if it adds any stress I definitely support doing a bit less over the next while. I’ll still be here whenever you pop up! Also, your girl is going to have a kick ass nursery.

  7. Hopefully your friends and family will bring you guys lots of food and freezer meals! I know that is what happened to the majority of my friends. They didn’t have to cook for months!!

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