April Goals & Intentions

April Goals & Intentions

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I spent the weekend doing some more unpacking but also got in some relaxation and baking! Today I’m popping in to share my goals for the month of April with you. Please tell me your own goals in the comments below!

April Goals & Intentions:

  • Finish Nursery: I’d like to have 90% of the nursery complete come the end of this month so I feel like everything is ready. Babies have a way of coming early in my family and although I don’t wish that, I want to be as prepared as possible should it happen!
  • Pack Hospital Bag: For the same reason above, I want to have my bag packed and ready so I don’t have to think about it from that point on!
  • Plan freezer meals: April and May I want to do some food prepping ahead so that I have healthy meals in the freezer so someone can pop it in the oven when I’m still recovering and it’s already done!
  • Read 2 Books: I’d like to continue on with my reading over phone scrolling and try and read two books. I’ve just started a new one so we’ll see if I can get through 2 this month!
  • Work Ahead on Posts: In my nesting phase I’d also like to work ahead on some posts so that I have some content when I’m not really able or when I don’t have the energy for posts in the very beginning of my recovery. If you have any post requests, let me know in the comments!

What are your April goals? What are you currently reading? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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26 thoughts on “April Goals & Intentions

  1. Such good goals. Heather. When are you due??
    I am working on my goal to have much less phone time and more real paper/pen and book time. Too much screen time can seriously affect our mental health I think.

  2. Freezer meals are a great idea! I should jump on that train. I hate having to cook after a long day at work, so having something ready is a smart plan. My April goals are to get outside more (if the weather is nice!)

    • Yes, I’m also hoping for more outdoor time. I think taking a walk in the evenings will be nice now that it’s lighter for longer!

  3. Fun goals – this is such an exciting time for you!

    For your posts, I’d love to see one on what you decide to pack in your hospital bag. We don’t have any children (yet), but I love seeing what different women feel they need during that time to be their most comfortable selves.

    You guys are going to make the cutest parents. 🙂

    XO, Jessica

    • Thanks, Jessica! Yes, I will do a hospital bag post. I’ve been deciding on whats best for me to take so I’ll definitely share about it for some more ideas for others!

  4. Those look like great goals! I wish I had made more freezer meals, I definitely will next time. Your March goal recap post inspired me to make some formal goals for April (posting them later this week) and I already feel so much more focused. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re welcome! Having little goals has proved to be beneficial for me so that when things feel crazy I go back to these small goals and feel more accomplished!

  5. Yes on the meal planning! I’m getting better at that and it makes me so happy 🙂 My April goal is to recover completely from my last race and get ready for the next one. I will have compassion with myself on this and not force it. I’m currently reading a really big book called Outlander. I’m hoping it takes me a while to finish because I hate being without a book lol

    • That sounds like an awesome way to treat your body for your racing! Good luck for the next one! That’s so great that you’re getting on the meal planning bandwagon. It does make like a lot easier! The big ones are nice because they stick around for a while and you always have it to enjoy haha!

  6. These are all great goals!! That would be awesome to get all the baby’s stuff and your hospital bag ready this early! I definitely would love to do some freezer meals and get ahead on my posts. I’ve been so busy lately that I have not had any time to even work on any new stuff. I really need to do that!

    • Working on posts is always great for sanity during those busy times-hope you can get some down time to relax and plan!

    • Thanks! Yes, I was born premature as were both of my sisters and my sister’s baby so I need to be ready for an early baby!

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