August Goals & Intentions

August Goals & Intentions

I hope you enjoyed the BBQ Tofu taco recipe yesterday–it was fun working on a guest post! Today I wanted to share some goals/intentions I have for August. I always enjoy reading these types of posts so I thought I’d try it out. I also love that I have the goals on my blog and can easily check back during the month and see how things are going. I want to keep them achievable and easy to remember, so nothing too crazy! 

  • End Each Day Reading: Whether it’s a half an hour or ten minutes, I want to wind down with a book at night rather than winding down by staring at my computer screen, phone, or TV immediately before bed.
  •  Avoid Screen Time 30 Minutes Before Bed: I think having my first goal of ending the day with reading will definitely help me to avoid the other screens before bed. However, I wanted to make this a separate goal because I know I sleep better when I haven’t just been staring at the computer screen or phone screen for hours at a time. 
  • Complete “30 Day Yoga Camp”: I’ve been craving more yoga in my workout routine lately, so I decided on a 30 day program I found on YouTube. The Channel is Yoga With Adriene and all of her full length workouts are completely free. I’ve done some of her stretching/gentle yoga routines and can’t wait to commit to 30 days of yoga!
  • Stick to $110/week for groceries: I buy all organic produce, specialty dairy-free and gluten-free items, & the best/most nutritious items I can find…. so my grocery bill can be quite steep. During August, I will see if I can stick to $110/week. I think if I keep things simple, it may be possible. We shall see if this is realistic for me!
  • Get Ahead on Posts: I hope to continue to work ahead so that my week is not all blogging work from the time I get home from work until the time I go to sleep. I hope to get more done each weekend and continue to stay ahead. 

I will share the outcome of each goal at the end of August and then share next month’s goals with you! I’d love to hear your own personal goals for next month in the comment section below!

What are your goals for next month? Do you have a strict grocery budget? Favorite way to save money on groceries?

Tell me in the comments below!

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27 thoughts on “August Goals & Intentions

  1. I am trying to work on the reading before bed thing too. I used to always do it before I got married, but then we go sucked into Netflix. I’m considering discontinuing Netflix because I think it steals too much of my time. I miss reading!
    Whenever I do at-home yoga I usually use Adrienne’s videos. They are so easy to follow!

  2. I really need to not be on the screen 30 minutes before bed too, and I do love reading books, so it’s going to just take some more self-discipline. Thank you for encouraging me in this! And sticking to a budget for groceries is something that would be the hardest for me, because I love grocery shopping.

  3. What a great idea to post your goals and use that post for accountability! All of these are great goals! I am looking up that yoga channel right now! I also like the ones about reading before bed and no screens. This last month I have stayed ahead on my blogging and it has been so nice! I am planning on working hard to continue that as well! Good luck!

    • I know–its so nice when you have things ahead of time. You feel like you can do other things at night besides blog haha!

  4. Getting ahead on posts is something I want to work on two! And more reading 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard for me to just pick up a book but once I do, I never regret it!

  5. I need to adopt your #1 and #2! A goal of mine is to submit at least 3 articles to websites like Scary Mommy (since my goal is to get some of my stuff published) and develop some kind of cleaning chart/chore list so I’m not always overwhelmed on the weekends.
    I may have to start doing a monthly goal/intention post, too! Great idea.

    • Love the cleaning chart idea! I feel overwhelmed on the weekends with that too. Good look with the freelance work! I’d love to start too and its so overwhelming!

  6. Great goals. And ones I’ve definitely tried for myself. I feel really good when I get myself to read in bed before falling asleep. Granted, it is usually literally 1 or 2 pages because I can’t for the life of me read without falling asleep…anywhere…but even these one or two pages is something! I tend to fall asleep with my laptop, which I know they say isn’t good for you, but I’ve also kind of accepted that it works for me.
    Now those grocery bills – that’s definitely a goal I want to stick to better once I move back on my own.

    • I know I feel like the grocery bill thing is so hard when you love food and cook often!

      Yes, some nights I can only read like three pages and I fall asleep!

    • That makes sense to your situation!! My sister is a reading fanatic and wasnt able to read for a long time after my niece was born! Too sleepy!

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