Baby Favorites: 0-6 Months

Baby Favorites: 0-6 Months

Popping in to share my favorite baby items from ages 0-6 months. These are all things that I used multiple times a day and would highly recommend to any mamas to be out there! 

Baby Favorites 0-6 Months:

  • Play Mat: We used this for tummy time from the time she was a week old on! Our’s played music, had toys that hung down and even toys you could hook on to the floor part for tummy time. She loved it! We used it multiple times a day until she was about 6 months when she was moving on to bigger and better things.

  • Mamaroo glider: My cousin let us borrow this and I am sooo glad we did! We decided to use this instead of a traditional swing because it takes up sooo much less room and we have a small apartment. This glider is pricey so us borrowing it was such a blessing. We used it multiple times a day until she was about 6 months old. I really liked that there were different settings like “car ride” and “wave” for different types of movement. Also golden that you could select different kinds of white noise to play too. 

  • Baby Einstein Aquarium: I love that the music played is just nice classical music and not obnoxious “kid” music. You can select different options for using a light with music, just music, and just letting the fish move around the tank. Aubrey loved this and it helped soothe her back to sleep when we did sleep training with her. Best of all, the music starts out at normal volume and slowly lessens so that it puts your baby to sleep. One bad thing about it is that the batteries don’t last long. Buy yourself some re-chargeable batteries if you want to use this one!

  • Giraffe Soother: Another staple during sleep training. You can set the white noise for 25 or 45 minutes and there are a few different options for types of sounds. I most use waves and rain and we use the 25 minute setting. Helps put her to sleep and settle down on her own in the crib.

  • Bumbo Seat and Tray: We used this when her neck was strong enough for supported sitting which for her was about 4 months old. We used it as a seat for her to sit and watch us when I was cooking in the kitchen or cleaning. We also used it from 4.5 months to 7 months as her makeshift high chair because we didn’t buy one until a few weeks ago. I’d highly recommend both the seat and the tray if you have a small living space. One con is that some larger babies don’t get much use out of it because their legs are too chubby to fit in the seat. Aubrey is very petite so we are actually still using this when I’m cooking in the kitchen and she’s watching me! 

  • Boppy Pillow: This pillow can be used for a bunch of things! It was perfect for putting her in to lay when she was little and couldn’t roll over (which only lasted two months for Aubrey). Then it was the perfect seat for her to have some support when she was learning to sit up on her own. Now it’s kind of like a safety net when she plays on the floor in case she falls back. It’s also great as a nursing pillow.

  • Touch & Feel Sensory Books: Aubrey has loved these type of books. She loves to rub the fuzzy textured animals, scratch  the “scratchy” textures, and work on lifting flaps up and down. It’s the perfect kind of book to introduce reading and textures to the baby.


  • Frozen and Textured Teethers: Teethers are not only good for numbing a baby’s mouth when they’re teething! They are a fun frozen treat if you are trying to get something done and they are fussy. Aubrey has a sensitive gag reflex and giving her the different textured teethers has helped her get used to more textures in her mouth and has in turn helped her work on eating different textures at meal time. We keep some in the freezer and some room temp to play with. 

  • Lovey Security Blanket: Aubrey has loved her bear and owl loveys. These are basically like little security blankets in the shape of cute animals. She liked to hold on to them when she was in the stroller and at places like the doctor, etc. She still holds on to her little bear when we give it to her in her car seat. It’s too cute!

Hope this helps any new mom’s looking to find some items they will use on the regular!

Moms, what were your favorite 0-6 month items? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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