Back To It! (WIAW)

Back To It! (WIAW)

Hello and happy Wednesday! Hope your week is off to a lovely start. Since being on Maternity leave, my weeks are pretty jumbled but I don’t mind! Today I’m sharing thoughts on “me time” with a baby and a day of eats from last week.

Back To It (WIAW)

I am someone who has always craved and needed alone time. It’s a way for me to recharge. I am not someone who enjoys going out on the town, going to lots of crowded events, or being in huge groups of people. Since having a baby, my alone time has been very limited. 

Breakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries, unsweetened coconut flakes, peanut butter & dairy free chocolate chips

Meals have been quickly reheated and shoved down my throat. How is it that babies have a special alarm that goes off at each meal time so that you can never enjoy a meal?

Lunch: Roasted tofu, black beans, sauteed veggies, jasmine rice, Korean BBQ sauce, topped with sesame seeds

While I know this phase will not last forever, it has been tough having a baby who constantly needs me so much so that I can’t have much time to myself. After six weeks, I was cleared to exercise by my doctor, so I decided to get back in to it. I loved working out before I got pregnant and truly missed it during my pregnancy and the weeks of recovery. Week 7, I decided to make it a priority in my life again.

I want to workout for many reasons. I’m not working out so I can shed off the “baby weight”. I’m not working out so I can be the thinnest lady in town. I’m not working out to impress or show off to other people who don’t want to work out. I’m working out for me. My workout is my time to myself and it keeps me sane, keeps my stress at bay, and makes me happy.

Snacks: Rice crackers and spinach and artichoke hummus. Coconut yogurt, fruit, and granola. 

I’m also working out to be a living example of taking care of your body and mind. I want Aubrey to see me making time for myself. I want her to see that I make time in our busy schedule to take care of my body so that I am at my healthiest. Being healthy is more than just gaining some muscle or losing some fat. Being healthy is taking time to rest, to do something for yourself, and to not be afraid to make it a priority. What better way to promote positive body image, healthy eating, and a love for taking care of your body than to live it out? 

Dinner: Salad, vegan/gluten free eggplant parm. over rice pasta


How do you define healthy? Do you make exercise a priority?

Tell me in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Back To It! (WIAW)

  1. I love this, because exercise is definitely a positive thing for you, and I’m at that place too. I love it to just quiet my thoughts and think and move and sweat, and it always refills and refreshes my cup so I can get back to loving on other people. <3 I'm so glad you're taking that exercise time !

  2. I’m sure being mother to a newborn has many joys–but it doesn’t sound super-pleasant having an alarm that goes off at every mealtime. I’m glad you’re finding some ways to take some time for yourself with good meals and workouts. I definitely know what you mean about needing that alone time–hope you continue to find ways to squeeze some in here and there!

  3. I think it is very important for Moms, especially, to find time to take care of themselves – whether that be alone time or not. If you aren’t taking care of yourself how can you be the best mom you can be for your child? I think Aubrey is going to have a very healthy example to follow and will grow up knowing that taking time to yourself is essential to health.

  4. I love that you view exercise not as something you can do to control/change your body, but as something you can do for your whole self. And for Aubrey! She has a wonderful example in you.

  5. Heather, I am so thankful you are still sharing your thoughts and journey. I think you have the best head on your shoulders about working out/healthy eating. I love love love how you see exercise as a “want to” not a “must do”. I know right now I probably exercise a bit too much, because it’s the way I cope with stress and I am soooo very stressed right now. But balance is really what it’s all about- and I guess we are all just trying to figure that out wherever we are in life, right?!

    • Thank you! Hope your stress levels are getting better for you! Yes, I’m always growing and changing with what balance means to me at the time and stage of life. Nothing’s permanent! 🙂 Hope you are doing well, friend!

  6. Good job mama! Way to get back at it!! It’s definitely tough, but I always try to remember that if I’m going to be the best mom I can be, my routine just has to include some exercise one way or another and I shouldn’t feel guilty about it!

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