Beating the Monday Blues

Beating the Monday Blues

There’s always a happy lighter than air feeling on a Friday. The work week is over and you’re heading in to two days off. Saturday and Sunday are always glorious until around 6 o’clock Sunday night. Then…the blues start to kick in. I like to call this nagging, melancholy, sad feeling the Monday Blues. 

Here are 5 little things I try to do to help cope with the blues:

  • Prep for the week ahead. I’ve talked about this a few times so if you’d like more information on what I do to prep my meals and fitness for the week, check out my post hereWeekend PrepBeing ready for the week ahead helps me to feel ready to tackle the week.


  • Plan something fun for Sunday. This doesn’t have to be anything big…maybe make some popcorn and watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see or go out to dinner with friends. Sometimes keeping busy distracts me from being sad about tomorrow.


  • Have something to look forward to. This can be something big like an upcoming vacation or something small like making a date night after work on Monday. Right now I’m looking forward to my upcoming vacation and have a little countdown going!


  • Count your blessings. When I feel like I’m dreading the next day I try to rethink my mindset. I think about all of the things I can do and accomplish because I have a job. I always have enough to eat, I can pay my bills, and I can do fun things every once in a while. Most importantly…I have my family. 🙂

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  • Bring a bit of home to work. If you’re like me and are a total homebody…going to work can be quite tough. Bring a picture of your spouse or significant other and put it on your desk. Have a tea that you love to drink to relax at home? Bring some to work and sip it at your desk. 


How do you cope with the Monday Blues?

Tell me in the Comments below!


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6 thoughts on “Beating the Monday Blues

  1. Great post! I hate the Monday Blues. I definitely feel better about them when my weekends are a combination of relaxation and productivity. I love going into the week with laundry done, grocery shopping done, food prepping done, and some house cleaning done. That always makes me feel better about starting a new week.

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