Birthday Recap

Birthday Recap


Friday night after work my parents, my two sisters, my niece, Daniel and I had a little celebration at my parent’s house. We had make your own tacos bar for dinner. I’m pretty sure tacos are my favorite food. Like there’s so many different kinds of tacos you can have, it’s so easy to eat them gluten free and dairy free, and they’re so good! Like what is better than tacos? Nothing. 

Friday Party 1

After enjoying tacos and playing with my niece I opened a few gifts from everyone which was so nice! I got some gluten free snacks and an Old Navy gift card from my parents, two books and a card from my oldest sister, and a new sports bra and a smoothie travel cup from my other sister. Anyone else out there loving all of the busy patterned workout gear? 

For dessert, we had an assortment of vegan/gluten free bakery items.

Dessert Assortment

I had half a s’mores cupcake, half a vanilla cupcake, 1/4 of a caramel doughnut, and some soy milk ice cream. It was intense!

Blowing Out Candles

My niece did a lovely job in helping me blow out the candles…she’s too cute!


Saturday was my actual birthday and I spent it with Daniel. I had some coffee and a brownie leftover from Friday night’s party. I firmly believe in starting off my birthday with a sweet…it is a must!

Sweet Start

For my real breakfast Daniel made me some eggs with Chao vegan cheese and a gluten free bagel with Vegan cream cheese. It was great! I spent the morning in my pajamas watching 4 episodes of House Hunters International.

breakfast 26

Daniel got me a Nutribullet Pro and a new comforter and I’m so excited for a high speed blender! I have a traditional blender which was fine but did not liquefy frozen fruits very well. Can’t wait to take this thing for a spin! 

Presents Daniel

After a super lazy morning, we drove to the Movie Tavern which is a movie theater that is also a full service bar and restaurant! They serve any drinks and food you want during the movie and it’s awesome. There are a large handful of movie taverns across the country and I can see them gaining popularity! 


We saw Finding Dory for the matinee showing. The seats recline and have a foot rest. Each seat has a table that slides over you for the food and there’s a call button in case you need any drink refills or want to order anymore food.I ordered a Chopped Salad with balsamic and a tropical drink that was super coconut-y. Daniel had a rum punch and fish and chips. 


Trop Drink MT

Finding Dory was very cute and I’m so glad I was finally able to see it! I definitely loved Finding Nemo better but I’d definitely watch it again! After the movie, we walked across the street to a large shopping area. I browsed books at Barnes and Noble but did not buy anything. Does anyone else want to buy every single book when they go in to a book store? I took pictures of the book covers of things I need to order once my “books to read” stash goes down. I also got two new pairs of shoes and some K-cups from two other stores.

For dinner, we went to Tango which I have been wanting to try for a while! They have a ton of gluten free options including any of their pasta dishes! I ordered a glass of Merlot and Daniel had a summer ale.

Tango Menu

We split an order of calamari which was fried in rice flour and completely gluten free! The dipping sauce was a sweet and spicy Thai sauce which was delicious! 

Rice Flour Calamari

I ordered the Grilled Tilapia fish tacos (I told you..its my favorite food!) which came with a mandarin orange slaw and Spanish rice. It was really fresh and delicious! The mandarin orange slaw was really creative and not something that I woukd have thought to do. The restaurant was really dark, so these pictures do not do it justice! 

Tilapia Fish tacos

Daniel ordered Cashew Crusted Salmon which came with Soba noodles and an Asian slaw. He said it was delicious! You could tell that their ingredients were fresh and the menu was really creative and varied. They had soups, sandwiches, salads, and entrees. 

cashew crusted salmon

For dessert, we split a flour-less chocolate cake which was drizzled with chocolate and fresh berries on the side. It was really rich but very delicious! It was especially delicious with the red wine that I was drinking. Do you like red wine and chocolate together?

Flourless choc cake

Overall it was a fabulous birthday dinner! I ended the night watching some Netflix with Daniel. Year 25 was great and I can’t wait to see what year 26 brings! Cheers!

Cheers to 26

Favorite Taco? Do you start your birthday off with sweets?

Tell me in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “Birthday Recap

  1. Yay! I am such a proponent for taking the whole day on your birthday to make it special, so I love that you guys celebrated all day. That bagel looks amazing!
    I haven’t seen Finding Dory yet, but I was definitely a Nemo fan as a kid. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since the first one came out.

    • Yes, I definitely love to do something special for the day! This year turned in to quite a full day! I love Finding Nemo so i knew i had to see Finding Dory! I’m with you on that–its somehow been 13 years since Finding Nemo came out!

  2. What a great birthday weekend! I actually know a woman who celebrates her birthday ALL month. Its kind of selfish to me, but hey, to each their own lol

    • I’m with you on the seats–in my area they’ve started putting recliner seats in the regular movie theaters too. I think its becoming a thing and I’m definitely okay with that!

  3. It sounds like you had a great birthday weekend!! I love getting all the family together for birthday’s! All of your birthday sweets look amazing! I would have sampled all of them. We have a movie theater like that close to us, and Jeremy took me there for my birthday a couple of years ago! It was so much fun!!

    • Family bdays are the best! The sweets definitely were awesome–I think the doughnut was definitely my favorite! This was my first time at a movie theater like that and it was so fun!

    • omg happy birthday!! 😀 We’re almost birthday twins! I love tacos, burritos, quesadillas, you name it! Great pick!! <3

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Heather! It looks like a FABULOUS day, devoted to you – as it should be. You definitely started it out right with that brownie, and then that movie theatre!?! How amazing is that!? Though I’d be scared with the reclining chairs and footrest that I’d be too comfy and just fall asleep, no matter what the movie was. Also. So glad you got in your beloved tacos. TWICE. Heck ya girl!!

  5. Happy 25th! Sounds like you got in some really nice birthday celebrations–all of those gf treats! and Finding Dory. I really want to see that, but I’m such a cheapskate about seeing movies in the theaters. 😛 It’s hard to beat Finding Nemo, but Pixar usually does a pretty good job.

  6. Happy belated birthday!! Sounds like such a fun weekend 🙂 Glad you got to spend it with the ones you love and eat yummy food!! Tacos are so amazing 🙂 And those cupcakes look great!! xoxo

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