Spreading Christmas Cheer

Happy Friday, my friends! Thank you for the comments, personal messages, and emails after yesterday’s postpartum post. I hope that this topic continues to be something that women are comfortable sharing about and talking about. Today we’re switching gears to a more festive note. Spreading Christmas Cheer One of my favorite things about December as … Read moreSpreading Christmas Cheer

Affordable Gifts For Your Spouse

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope your weeks are going by smoothly and that you’re staying warm. I can’t say I’m happy about this freezing cold weather PA is now in the thick of, but I’m making the best of it! Today I’m sharing 5 simple and affordable gift ideas for your spouse or significant other. … Read moreAffordable Gifts For Your Spouse

Gifts For the Kids Who Have Everything

Adults and kids alike have too much “stuff”. Houses are filled to the brim with toys; some hardly touched! Today I’m sharing 5 ideas specifically for kids who have too much “Stuff”. Rather than buy another toy that they may forget about, here are some fun alternatives!  Gifts For the Kids Who Have Everything: Buy … Read moreGifts For the Kids Who Have Everything

5 Christmas Gifts Under $20

Christmas shopping can get expensive and overwhelming. Today I thought I would give 5 low cost gift ideas to anyone who wants to give out gifts but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Chex-Mix: My grandmother made a delicious salty and savory Chex-mix every year for Christmas (I’ll have to share the recipe with you … Read more5 Christmas Gifts Under $20