10 Random Thoughts #2

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I’m joining in with Amanda and doing some thinking out loud! I hope you’ll share some more random thoughts in the comment section below!  10 Random Thursday Thoughts: The use of “they” to replace “he/she/it” is correct: As I don’t know the baby’s gender yet, I usually just say “them” or “they” rather … Read more

1st Trimester Favorites

Today I’m doing some thinking out loud with Amanda and sharing my favorites from my first trimester! If you’re pregnant or already have kids, tell me your favorites in the comments below!  1st Trimester Favorites Burt’s Bees Belly Butter: I wanted to get in the habit of creaming up each day as early as possible. It’s helped so … Read more

TOL: 10 Random Thoughts

Today I’m joining Amanda and doing some thinking out loud on this lovely (and freezing cold) Thursday! Intros are lame, so let’s get right in to the random thoughts! 10 Random Thoughts Seasonal Foods and Drinks taste better: Whether it’s pumpkin in fall or peppermint and gingerbread for winter, it always tastes better! Kind of like how shaped pasta … Read more