Christmas Cheer!

Christmas Cheer!

Well hello there! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their friends and/or family! Daniel and I met my in-laws and Daniel’s brother and wife for Christmas breakfast at Daniel’s brother and wife’s new condo. They recently moved so this was the first time I was able to see the new place. Everything looked very festive and put together! 


She picked out mugs for each of us based on our personalities (I had a Disney one!) and had a little jar of jam for each of us at our place setting. My mother in law made her famous egg casserole as one of the main dishes. We also enjoyed a sweet potato casserole, fruit salad, baked apples with oats, coffee and juice. We also enjoyed chocolate chip coffee cake and cookies for dessert. You know it’s the holidays when you have dessert after breakfast! 


We exchanged some gifts and enjoyed relaxing and talking with each other. Everything was very delicious! If my sister or brother in law is reading this, thanks again! Everything was lovely!


Daniel and I then traveled over to my moms house where my sisters, their men, and my niece all met up for some more good food and fun. Luckily we started out exchanging Pollyanna gifts and not with food! A few weeks ago, we chose our Pollyannas out of a hat and bought that couple a gift. We drew my oldest sister and brother in law as ours, and I got them a cocktail mix set, 2 bottles of alcohol to get them started, and a restaurant gift card. 


They also drew us as their couple and gave us a restaurant gift card and a 2016 calendar of pictures of my niece. It’s my favorite thing ever and I’m so excited about it!!!

lily calendar

My niece got a lot of presents from everyone because she’s the first baby in the family! She was in heaven with all of the attention! Daniel and I got her a pop up tent to play in which I’m sure she’ll have a lot of fun with.


For lunch we enjoyed hot roast beef sandwiches, salad, and roasted potatoes. Luckily we ate a late lunch after all of that breakfast food! Somehow I managed to eat a few more cookies and coffee in there too! 

me and hol


After playing with my niece and taking some fun pictures, we headed home just the two of us. I had originally planned on making a nice dinner for the two of us, but neither of us was really very hungry after our food fest of Christmas! I’ll be making the dinner I had planned another night instead! 

We exchanged gifts and enjoyed spending a quiet evening together which is one of my favorite things 🙂 Daniel got me some really thoughtful little gifts including an adult coloring book which I’ve been wanting for quite some time! I also got a nice new sweater, winter hat, and a pair of awesome workout pants with designs on them! ( I love busy patterned workout leggings) I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday! 


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

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    • Thanks!! 🙂 I know I’m so excited about the coloring book! My husband got it for me and he said they have so many different books!

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