Coming Up For Air

Coming Up For Air

Well, hello there! Somehow it’s been quite a long time since my last blog post. I can’t say that it was a planned break from blogging but it was necessary. Those first three months with Aubrey were so very wonderful but also so very hard. She was nursing around the clock every 2 hours sometimes even sooner and I wasn’t getting much sleep at all. I knew a change had to be made and so I decided to take a break from blogging. There was just no time for me to sit at a computer and type up even a short blog post!

Back to Reality

Only this past month do I feel like I can finally breathe a little bit. We are on a slightly more predictable schedule with Aubrey and she’s been sleeping a thousand times better at night now that she’s a little bigger. I now have a little time to myself before bed so I’m hoping to get back in to blogging. I can’t promise it will be 5 days a week like I did before, but you’ll definitely see more from me than this past summer! What have you all been up to?! I can’t wait to catch up on other blogs and get back in to the blogging circle again. I’m back to work three days a week and home the other two which has turned out to be easier than expected for me. Can’t wait to update you more on both me and Aubrey. I have to say sitting here typing up a blog post makes me happy and makes me feel a little bit more myself again. 

What have you been up to?! Did you forget about me? 😀

Tell me in the comments below!


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6 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. Welcome back!! Its so nice to hear that you feel excited to get back to blogging! I missed you – and of course we did not forget about you – but I think taking the time off was not only smart and healthy but very expected!

    I look forward to catching up on how Aubrey is doing, and hope you can continue to slowly get “you” things back into your schedule.

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