Currently: January 2018

Currently: January 2018

Popping in for a Currently post since it’s been a while! I’d love to hear what you all are “currently” up to too! Leave me your updates in the comments below!

Currently: January 2018

Cooking: Warming dishes galore. I’ve been loving Slow Cooker Lentil Sloppy Joe’s, Rice Ramen, Chickpea Curry, and pasta with eggplant or other roasted veggies. This cold time of year makes me crave lots of hearty, filling, and warming dishes.

Anticipating: Now that the holidays are over, I’m already looking forward to Spring. I have a feeling this Winter is going to be a really harsh one in Pennsylvania, and it makes me so sad! 

Listening To: ASMR videos before bed to relax 

Craving: Along with the warming dishes, I’ve also been craving warming desserts. I have cookie dough in the freezer most of the time, so whenever I’m craving a nice warm cookie, I can put one (or two!) in the oven and not worry about having to make a dozen cookies every single time!

Indulging In: Along with the cookies, I’ve also been enjoying some of my favorite drinking chocolate with some Cocowhip! If you haven’t tried So Delicious brand’s CocoWhip, you must! 

Drinking: Some red wine every now and again, coffee or tea, and lots and lots of water! #milkmachine

Needing: WARMTH!! Someone help me! We haven’t had a day above freezing in weeks and weeks 🙁 This is REALLY when I wish that I either A) Worked From Home or B) Lived somewhere warmer

Loving: Time at home with Aubrey. I love my days home with her and loved all the extra days off with her while I was off in between Christmas and New Year’s.

Watching: I’m still watching episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm as time allows. Such a funny show! Daniel and I also watched To The Bone on Netflix on New Year’s Eve. I know there’s been a lot of controversy around that movie and I can see why it might be a negative thing for certain people to watch. However, I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it was well done. 

What are you currently up to? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Currently: January 2018

  1. Oh man freezing cookie dough is brilliant!! Why have I never done that? I always make a regular batch and then have to store the last half in the freezer and sometimes just end up throwing them away if they get too old. This would give me fresh cookies anytime I want them!

    I’ve also been craving all things… warm,mushy,stodgy, in a bowl…. anything comforting.

    • It’s really funny! I’ve heard great things about The Crown and I love period pieces so I think I’d love that one. So exciting your little guy is chatting up a storm! You should make a list of the things he’s saying so you can look back on them. Sarah at did a post with things her daughter has been saying and it was really cute!

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