Currently: July 2017

Currently: July 2017

Popping in while Aubrey is sleeping to share a currently post! It’s amazing how much time I do NOT have in a day to get anything done! Days flash by in a frenzy of rockings, changings, feedings, and a nap or shower snuck in somewhere! Here’s what I’ve currently been up to!

Currently: July 2017


I’ve just recently started back to doing some cooking again. I’ve done some stir fry, fried rice, pasta, etc. Nothing too fancy but getting in the kitchen to prep something sometimes makes me feel more like myself and less like a new mama milk machine!


Nothing really. I’m kind of just enjoying the days and learning my new normal.


Lots of water and lots of coffee! Thank the Lord for coffee!

Indulging In:

Cookies from family and friends! 




Baby snuggles and spending time bonding with Aubrey!


I’ve been re-watching The Office on Netflix. Also enjoyed “The Moaning of Life” series on Netflix! 

What have you been up to currently? Netflix suggestions while I nurse?

Tell me in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Currently: July 2017

  1. I love that you’re just soaking up the baby cuddles. <3 And currently we sisters have been watching the Arrow together, and I've been loving cuddling with and doing some dog training. 🙂

  2. It definitely must feel nice to start to get back to some ‘you’ things – like cooking. I could see how that would be grounding amongst all the new things. If you have the energy for it, that is! Hope baby Aubrey lets her mom get a few more minutes of rest this week.

    • She actually has been sleeping a bit better this week…last night she slept for five hours in a row! I woke up before her because my body was used to getting up every 2 hours haha

    • I watched the first episode of Parenthood and wasn’t in to it. Maybe I should give it another try? I think I would like West Wing–I’ve never watched it!

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