Currently: March 2016

Currently: March 2016

  • Currently Cooking: Stir Fry!
    currently cooking

I bought Tamari (GF soy sauce) and I make a really quick and easy peanut sauce and all the veggies I’m craving with some rice noodles. I use leftovers for lunches to take to work and I can’t stop! I’ll be sharing the peanut sauce recipe soon because its sooo good!

  • Currently Anticipating: Spring!

currently anticipating

This month in PA has been up and down like crazy. For example, Sunday was in the low 30’s during the day with freezing rain and snow in to Monday morning… and tomorrow is supposed to be almost 70 degrees for the high! I’m looking forward to some steady warmth and sunshine!

  • Currently Listening to: Pandora Colbie Caillat Radio!

currently listening to

This radio station has a lot of Colbie’s songs mixed with other easy listening, acoustic sounds. I think it’s a nice channel to have on in the background.

  • Currently Craving: Bagels!

Egg sandwich

Since going gluten free, I haven’t had a big problem making the switch over. However, I love bagels and used to buy them every so often at the store. I’ve been craving a big old bagel the past few days, so I bought some gluten free ones in the hopes that they will still be delicious. I will let you know!

  • Currently Drinking: Coffee with almond milk & cinnamon!

bfast 3 8

I’m really trying to cut back on added sugars as much as possible so I’ve been drinking my coffee with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon rather than than the sugar-filled creamers that I always use. I’m still having creamer every so often (dairy-free ones) but not every day.

  • Currently indulging in: Gluten Free Cookies!


Current favorite has been the “Wow Company”‘s GF chocolate chip! They’re soft and chewy and delicious with coffee or almond milk!

  • Currently Avoiding: Laundry!


Mount “Washmore” is currently in my bedroom in the hamper. I hate that we have to lug it to the apartment building’s basement and pay for each load. wahhhh! 🙁

  • Currently Needing: Sunshine!

2016-02-23 13.53.38

It’s been so gloomy and rainy and dark for the past few days and I am in dire need of warm sunshine. I’m definitely missing all of the sunshine from our vacation!

  • Currently Loving: Some warmer afternoons!


Although the weather has been crazy, we have had a few days where it was high 60’s and low 70’s around lunch time. I’m loving taking my lunch break outside on those days and catching some sunshine during the work day!

  • Currently Watching:House of Cards!

currently watching

We are working our way through the newest season of House of Cards on Netflix. I’m really liking this season so far, which is good because last season was disappointing for me. Can’t wait to see how they wrap everything up!

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8 thoughts on “Currently: March 2016

  1. That stir-fry looks so good!! Can’t wait to try the peanut sauce!! That is one thing I do not miss about living in an apartment.. the laundry. In our last house it was in the basement so I still had to lug in down and up two flights of stairs, but thankfully in our current house, our laundry is right outside of the master bedroom. I didn’t realize amazing that is until I had it. I am loving the show Quantico right now.

    • yeah our laundry room is in the basement…blahhh. It’s probably one of the only cons about the place where we’re living!

  2. I love spring so much! It’s like a giant hug after terrible winter (I’m a wimp in the cold). I’ve heard a lot of good things about House of Cards. I need to figure out what the fuss is about because I love a good political drama.
    Terry and I divide our chores and laundry is his. I am so glad, hahaa!

    • I too am a wimp in the cold. I want to curl up and cry on those bitter days! haha! Yes, please watch House of Cards!!! I didnt think i would like it and then i got really in to it! Always good to split up the chores…Daniel takes meal time clean up and lots of times does the laundry. I’ll take it! 🙂

  3. I am currently avoiding laundry too! I hate laundry and my husband is very good at throwing it all in the washer every day and starting it…then leaving it for me to finish. 🙂 I’m currently watching 2 Broke Girls. We have the whole series on DVR. And, I am currently needing a very long vacation at the beach! LOL Your stir fry does look so good!

    • Have you tried unsweetened vanilla? That has a vanilla taste and if you add cinnamon it gives it the sweet taste we crave!

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