Currently: March 2017

Currently: March 2017

Today I’m sharing what I’ve currently been up to! As always, please let me know what you’re currently up to in the comments below!

Currently: March 2017


Lots of stir fry, beans/rice combos, and pizzas. I am trying to keep things healthy, easy to make, filling, and inexpensive! I have been loving vegetable tofu stir fry! 


Moving in three weeks. I am excited for the new place but not excited to pack everything up! 


Mostly water but I’ve been loving enjoying coffee in the mornings again! 

Indulging In:

I’ve been loving cookies or non-dairy ice cream for desserts lately. I think my favorites have been mint chocolate almond milk ice cream and peanut butter zig zag soy milk ice cream. As far as cookies go, I’m still a huge Immaculate Baking brand fan!


More sleep. I haven’t slept well since the beginning of this pregnancy and it’s been really tough to have the lack of sleep and then have to be up at 5:30 for work everyday. 


Registering for baby things and planning out nursery decor!


I started re-watching Friends season 1 on Netflix. I forgot how funny the show is. Also, they look so young in season one! 

Favorite show to watch again and again? Currently cooking? Currently needing?

Tell me in the comments below!

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25 thoughts on “Currently: March 2017

    • Thanks, Tara. Maybe I’ll have a good night’s sleep when the baby turns 2 or 3 hahahha 😉 You’re right, I forgot how funny friends is!

  1. Friends for me!! I’ve gone back to season 1 so many times and worked my way back up. The best thing about that show is that no season is better than the other… they are all fantastic and its so fun going back to see the great 90s get ups :). Blegh to the sleep. That’s got to be feeling really hard and frustrating. Have you been trying anything like lavender oil or valerian root tea?

    • Oh yes that 90’s get up is pretty darn awesome! 😀 I’m supposed to avoid any odd/different herbal teas but perhaps some lavender would be nice?

  2. Haha! My husband and I re-watched all of Friends when we first moved to CO. It’s the best!

    Though I’m currently on a Gilmore Girls run and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Their quick banter and idyllic setting is just way too much goodness. I love it!!

    Can’t see what you pick for the registry!
    XO, Jessica

    P.S. Make sure you check out my reply to your comment on my How to Freelance Invoice post. 😉

    • I need to eventually rewatch gilmore girls too–i loved that show! I’ll definitely go back and check on that invoice post thanks!

    • Thanks, Joyce! I try to soak in naps and extra rest times on the weekends when I’m not confined to my work schedule! I don’t know why babies don’t like sleep…don’t they realize how awesome it is?! haha!

  3. I really struggle with sleep during pregnancy. My ob said Unisom (doxylamine succinate) is safe during pregnancy — although you should check with yours. Benadryl makes me feel weird, but the Unisom and sleepy time tea are lifesavers. You want that sleep before that baby gets here and you’re up nursing all night!

  4. oh man; that meme from Elf; that can be too relatable especially for my sweet friends that are pregnant… Praying for sweet sleep for you; glad you’re doing easy meals that don’t take up too much energy.

  5. Friends is the BEST show to play in the background or fully sit and watch, love it. And veggie stir frys and pizza sound like the perfect foods to be eating. I have been loving roasting all my veggies lately, they never last the entire week though because I eat giant plates of them, lol.

    • Thats a great idea–I’d like to roast a bunch to have throughout the week. I’ll definitely add that to my prep list! I don’t think they’d last me the full week either haha

  6. I always love reading your Currently posts! I have never watched Friends beginning to end- I’m finishing up some shows now so I may have to get into it! Favorite show to re-watch- that is SO hard to say, I really haven’t re-watched a ton but- probably The Office or Gilmore Girls. Currently cooking- Blue Apron meals! Currently needing- a pair of basic black work heels. I realized I don’t have just a standard pair, so I’m on the hunt!

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