Currently: November 2016

Currently: November 2016

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I’ll be talking about my trip to NYC in tomorrow’s post, but today I’m popping in for a quick currently post. I’d love to hear what you all are currently up to in the comments below!

Cooking: Soups, stir-fry, curry…I’ve been loving all of the warming and comforting fall foods. I’ve also been enjoying experimenting with pumpkin recipes for this blog. I love how creamy pumpkin makes savory dishes!


Anticipating: The holiday season! I enjoyed Halloween, but I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving and the whole season of Christmas. Looking forward to gatherings, good food, and fun celebrations! 

Craving: Warm dishes and warm desserts lately. I love getting Immaculate Baking GF/dairy free cookie dough and popping them in the oven. Warm cookies without me having to bake at 10pm on a work night haha!


Drinking: Apple Cider! I’ve been enjoying some apple cider and I’ve been loving it! I like to drink it cold best, but in the Winter months, I definitely like hot cider too.

Indulging In: Chips–I rarely snack on chips because I feel like there’s a lot better snacks I could be having. But, I was craving them recently so I’ve had them a few times the past couple of weeks. I’m definitely loving the classic bbq chips! 


Needing: New can opener–It was a hand-me-down and I’ve had it for 4 years. I’m pretty sure my grandmother had it for at least 5 years before I got it too. I’m ready for a new one. I know, exciting stuff!

Loving: Changing leaves–Fall is beautiful in Pennsylvania with all of the colorful changing leaves. I don’t like the cold weather AT ALL, but fall sure is pretty!

Watching: Jane the Virgin and New Girl on Netflix. 


What are you currently up to? Currently watching?

Tell me in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Currently: November 2016

  1. Love the currently posts! I’ve been drinking a lot of apple cider too, with a little whiskey mixed in for cocktail hour. 😉 I’m currently watching “The West Wing” on Netflix and I actually love it! I’m not one for political shows, but it’s definitely more about the characters and the relationships which I love.

  2. I feel like can openers are one of those things that sooo many of us end up using far beyond their expiry date. They are so essential – yet why don’t we just get a new one!? I’m very much at fault for this.
    And potato chip cravings are no joke. I’ve been craving veggie chips (those ones that aren’t actually veggies or healthy in the least) like crazy lately – that salty craving won’t go away until you feed it.

  3. PA is so beautiful this time of year! On my way to school this morning, the way the light hit the leaves on the trees was so comforting. Thanksgiving is always something I look forward to. Do you have any special plans for celebrating?

    Stir-fry, soup, and curry sound uber wonderful. That’s one good thing about the cold weather, it makes those foods 100x more satisfying 🙂

    • This year for Thanksgiving I’m having an early dinner with my husband’s side and dessert with my family. The trees really are beautiful right now!

  4. I agree I love Fall but not the really cold temperatures. It’s supposed to get pretty chilly here this week, ehh! So I am all about the warm meals as well. I have been loving trying a few new recipes each week, but we’re currently having a ‘clean out the fridge’ week. So all leftovers or freezer meals, not much cooking.

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