Currently: October 2017

Currently: October 2017

Hello! I’m popping in to share a quick currently post because it’s been quite a while! Let me know how you’re all doing in the comments below!

Currently: October 2017

Cooking: Chickpea & vegetable curry with rice noodles. I recently bought some curry paste and have loved how easy it is to throw together a curry with some coconut milk, garlic, veggies, and chickpeas. In like 15-20 minutes, I have a flavorful delicious curry! Here’s the recipe I’ve loved using: Hurry the Food Up’s Vegan Chickpea Curry

Anticipating: We’re allowed to start Aubrey on cereal and I’m really excited to get started on her little food journey! I got rice cereal and oatmeal to give both a whirl and see how she does.

Drinking: I’ve been missing trying different herbal teas because many are off-limits while breastfeeding (and while pregnant too!). So, I’ve recently gotten in to Chamomile tea which is safe and can help calm a fussy baby too! I’m not sure that it calms her any more than when I don’t drink it, but it’s been a nice drink for me lately!

Needing: A date night! I’m hoping once this insane sleep regression is over, Daniel and I can leave Aubrey for a while to go out to dinner or see a movie or something.

Loving: The balance of 3 days at work and home the other days. I’ll be writing a post on this later, but it’s been surprisingly good for me.

Watching: Nothing much—I really miss being able to watch movies and shows at my leisure. Daniel and I sometimes can fit in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm while I nurse or while Aubrey’s in her glider or on her play mat.  We’re on season two and it’s such a funny show!

What have you been up to?

Tell me in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Currently: October 2017

    • Hope you get some cooler temps soon! Fall is here in PA and I’ve been enjoying the cooler temps and some soup weather. I really like Fall…just hate the winter!

  1. That curry recipe looks so great, thanks for sharing! With our little guy, his bedtime got progressivly earlier as he got a little older so we can now hang out and watch Netflix / or have an at home happy hour at night, which was such a welcome change. We need a real date night too though!

    • It’s such an easy and good curry recipe! That sounds amazing! I can see having more time in the evenings in the near future as her naps and sleeping are starting to get a little bit better again (we are doing some sleep training). For now, I’ve just been trying to sleep as soon as I can even if it means trying to lay down at 7 or 8pm. Once she’s a little bit more predictable I’m looking forward to snuggling up for a date night in with some wine and a show!

  2. aw wish i could babysit so you two could have a date night!!
    glad you can drink some yummy tea again- tea always soothes me. happy sunday love!! hope you get to relax today <3

  3. From what I’ve heard about sleep regression, it sounds like a rough time to be a parent. I hope you get that much-needed date night soon!
    I had no idea that herbal tea was off-limits when you’re pregnant or nursing. The giving up alcohol thing never seemed at all bad to me, but herbal tea? That would be tough for me! Glad you can enjoy chamomile.

    • It is tough! I think once she has weaned, I’m going to throw myself an herbal tea party and wash it down at a winery hahaha!

    • Not all of them but yes, a lot of them. Certain herbs are not safe for the baby especially in the early months. It definitely has been worth it…once she no longer needs to breastfeed I’m going to buy all the herbal teas, all the coffee, and all the wine…haha!

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