December Goals & Intentions Review

December Goals & Intentions Review

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time goes when you’re not at work? This week has flown by so fast but I have been enjoying every minute of the extra time to myself. I loved hearing about your Christmas days in the comments and I hope that you all have a great New Year too! Today I’m reviewing my December goals with you. I’d love to hear how you did with your goals in the comments below!

December Goals & Intentions Review

  • Stockpile Posts: I was able to get a good amount of blog posts done for the week before Christmas and this week. I plan on stockpiling some January posts on New Year’s day while I have some extra time. 
  • Bake Three GF Christmas Treats: As far as baking goes, I only made gluten free brownies. I wasn’t in the mood to stress out and bake for hours, so I simply let it go. Those brownies really hit the spot though! Don’t worry, I was sure to top them with peanut butter. 
  • Buy 2017 Planner & Plan January Content: Yes! Nothing like a fresh new planner am I right? Guys, I’m so excited for January. I have got some really exciting fun stuff coming up on the blog. I can’t wait to share it with you all! 
  • Allow Myself Extra Rest: Yes! I have been able to relax and decompress after some stressful weeks leading up to this one. I didn’t constantly work on blog stuff in my spare time, I didn’t get all of the baking done that I wanted, and I probably could have done 10 extra things. But, I decided to put my mental health first and relax. I am feeling a little more recharged already! 

How did your December goals go? Do you love a new planner? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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November Goals & Intentions Review

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