Easter Fun 2017

Easter Fun 2017

Happy Monday, friends! I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend and that you had a lovely Easter. I’m happy to report my Easter was low-key and filled with church, family, and some food. I always enjoy holidays the most when I don’t have to bounce between locations throughout the day. I am especially grateful to not do that now that I am in my third trimester as I lose steam very quickly! 

Easter Fun 2017

Sunday morning Daniel and I headed off to church and enjoyed lots of great special music. Baby girl certainly enjoyed all of the loud brass and music and she was quite hyped up! I was filled with lots of peace and hope as I was reminded that because of Easter, I can face the unknown with confidence because God is always with us and he has conquered death. 

After church, my mom had everyone over for a brunch/lunch. I made Minimalist Baker’s Simple Tofu Quiche and while I wouldn’t call this recipe simple or quick by any means, it was delicious! It’s something I would make again for a brunch or party. I topped it with salsa and added some more herbs than listed but followed  the recipe pretty much exactly. I also baked Kat’s Vegan Blueberry Banana Muffins which were SUPER delicious and moist! I’ll definitely be making those up again very soon…like tomorrow! My mom also made up a vegan potato salad, fruit, and a veggie platter. Everything was delish!

For dessert, I enjoyed some Chocolate Chip Cookie Coconut Bliss ice cream. Has anyone tried that flavor before?! It’s out of this world and the cookie they use in it is gluten free! Coconut ice cream is so great on a warm day. We had lovely weather and I’m glad we were able to take some pictures outside. After dessert, we headed home for a relaxing evening of blogging and lounging. I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! 

What was on your Easter menu? Best Coconut bliss flavor? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Easter Fun 2017

  1. Wow. Blogging and lounging at the end of Easter Sunday sounds amazing. And that precious reminder that we can live every single uncertain day because the end is certain because of Jesus Christ is so comforting every single morning. Thank you sister! <3

  2. Mmmmm nice choices for brunch menu! Quiche + fresh berry muffins sounds like a perfect combination. Happy Easter! Hope the feelings of relaxation and peace continue for you.

    • It was a fun challenge–I’m not sure why she called the recipe “simple tofu quiche” though haha! It turned out really tasty though. If you do make it, I’d recommend using frozen hash browns it will save you the time of shredding and draining your own potatoes. Thank you, my husband did a lovely job of selecting a matching purple tone shirt! 🙂

  3. Purple is totally your color, Heather! Our Easter menu consisted of mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, rolls, dressing, coconut cake, and lemon bread. It was all AMAZING 😀

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