Food Prep for an Easier Work Week

Food Prep for an Easier Work Week

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend–I sure did! Friday night our plans with friends fell through, so we decided to order some take out and relax at home. We ordered a big salad, a gluten free pizza, and french fries. Everything was delicious and it was nice to not have to cook! 

Friday Night

I spent Saturday with my parents and my niece which was so nice. Daniel had to work all day, so it was nice to have some company with some of my favorite people! 🙂


Sunday I had a lazy morning with Daniel and then worked on some food prep which I wanted to share with you all today! 

Even as someone who loves to cook, I really don’t feel like cooking after a long day at work! Lately, I’ve been trying to make my life a bit easier by doing some weekend food prep for the work week ahead. Here’s what I prepped for this week:


I made my favorite Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal and adjusted it a bit. I omitted pumpkin spice and nuts and added dark chocolate chips and fresh blueberries. In the morning, I will cut a pretty large square of it and heat it up in the microwave. I then top it with about a tablespoon of peanut butter and spread it on the top like icing as it melts over the warm oatmeal So good! I’ve made it plain, with chocolate chips, with strawberries, and with blueberries! It’s such a versatile recipe!

Baked Oatmeal blueberry chocolate chip


For my lunches I prepped some chicken sausage, veggies, and brown rice. First, I cut up about a cup of mushrooms, 1 bell pepper, and 1 yellow onion. You could add in whatever veggies you have on hand. 

Chop Veggies

I sauteed the veggies for about 5 minutes in some olive oil and seasonings. I seasoned the veggies with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, and chili powder. Once the veggies were soft, I added chopped chicken sausage and browned them for a couple of minutes.  

Veggies & Chicken

I cooked the brown rice in vegetable stock for some extra flavor and added about 1/2 cup water to dilute the stock. I let the rice sit for 10 minutes after it was done cooking to be sure all of the liquid was absorbed.  I added everything in to 5 containers and set aside.

Lunch Containers

I highly recommend these Mango Jalapeno chicken sausages–there’s no junk in them, they’re gluten free, and have the perfect amount of sweetness from the mango and spiciness from the jalapenos! 

Chicken Sausage


I washed and cut 1 container of strawberries and 1 container of blueberries. I will use these for smoothies and yogurt parfaits. For the parfaits, I’ll add plain Greek yogurt and gluten free granola. For the smoothies, I have cut up frozen bananas in the freezer, Vega protein powder, and almond milk. 

I also bought some apples for the week which I usually have as a side with my lunch or an after work snack before my workout.

Lastly, I bought some of my favorite Larabars (peanut butter chocolate chip) and some Kind bars for an on-the go snack. 


To help with dinner prep, I washed and cut veggies up and left them in containers so I don’t have to chop so much after work. This week’s menu:

  • Monday: Out to dinner with Friends
  • Tuesday: Tortilla Pizzas
  • Wednesday: Spicy Fish Tacos
  • Thursday: Chicken meatballs, GF pasta, and veggie bake (recipe test!)
  • Friday: Turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and broccoli 


I made Cora’s No Bake Peanut Butter Bark & they are so delicious! Go make them right now! They’re really easy and simple to make! I may or may not have taste tested a few while cutting them up! 

I really like eating cereal for a dessert. I found this new cereal that’s gluten free and organic and basically a better for you version of cocoa puffs. I’m loving them when I’m craving dessert in the evening. 

Food Prep

Do you food prep on the weekends? What’s your favorite make ahead meal? Ever eat cereal for dessert?

Tell me in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “Food Prep for an Easier Work Week

  1. Yum!! I don’t necessarily food prep ever weekend, but I do always wash and cut my veggies right when I get home from the grocery store so they are easy to grab on the go. I do pack my lunch the night before while making dinner, which makes my morning routine run much more smoothly.

  2. I love food prepping on the weekend! It keeps me on track during the week. If I don’t have my lunch fixed already, I’m more likely to eat fast food. I usually prep salads, or chicken and veggies. I love your lunch recipe. That is definitely one I will add!! Great post!

    • Yes, it’s so good! And I’m always switching up what I add to it so I never get sick of it! Aidells are the best! Do you have a certain kind you love best?

  3. Yay!!! So glad you made the chocolate bark and are hopefully enjoying them! I’m nearly done the massive batch in my freezer I made last week. You, my dear, are a food prep professional. This all sounds fabulous and so very smart. I’m sure it makes your weeks far less stressful and gives you more time to enjoy the “real” things in life.

    • Yes! Your recipe is amazing–my husband LOVES the bark too! Next time I’m totally making a huge batch to keep in the freezer so we have a vat of it…haha! It’s so good!

  4. Baked oatmeal is the superior pre-fixed breakfast! Adding blueberries and chocolate chips is a genius idea. I love that combo.
    I go back and forth with food prep, but no doubt it makes life easier!

    • I know–there are some weeks I don’t do it and I get cranky when I have to chop and prepare when I’m so tired.

    • Thanks, Sarah! I know I really needed some pizza and fries! 🙂 What’s your favorite chicken sausage? I cant stop eating them lately!

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