Eating Healthy(ish) on Vacation

Eating Healthy(ish) on Vacation

I am definitely okay with throwing out your normal healthy eating to indulge for a vacation. I think one of my favorite things about traveling is tasting different cuisines. Nothing brings people together better than enjoying a meal. With that said, I do think it’s possible to go too far on vacation and today I wanted to explore that with you. 

I unfortunately have a very sensitive stomach. I can’t have much dairy and these days I’ve been struggling with tons of digestive issues. I’ve had blood work done, a procedure a few months ago, and more testing is coming my way in March. I may have Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance… or it could be something different entirely! It’s been a really frustrating and slow process…figuring out digestive issues is really complicated!

That being said, I think during my upcoming vacation, I will try to keep things as light and healthy as I can while still enjoying many different kinds of food. Of course there will be times where I eat things that will be much heavier than I am used to, but I’m hoping to balance it out. Today I thought I’d share my eating healthy(ish) on vacation tips and I will report back on how I did & if it helped me,once I return!

  1. I will only eat when I am hungry. This sounds really simple and like common sense, but I think sometimes when I’m on vacation, I will just eat something because it looks delicious and it is in front of me. 
  2. I will stay hydrated. I know that when I go on vacation, I tend to forget to keep drinking water throughout the day. Add in the fact that I’m drinking more alcohol than I normally would, and it can really make me feel dehydrated. This year, I’ll be packing my Nalgene bottle and keeping it filled!
  3. I will still aim for my daily fruit and veggie servings each day. I’m hoping to take advantage of the delicious salad bar and all of the different tropical fruits while I’m away. Last time I did a cruise, I ate heavier lunches filled with carbs and not a lot of veggies and fruits and it was rough on my stomach!
  4. I will stay active! I want my trip to be relaxing, but I am hoping to take advantage of all of the activities on board. I didn’t workout last cruise, and I think it had an effect on my stomach as well. This time, we’ve got fun and active excursions booked and I could check out the on board gym, and of course get in plenty of swimming in one of the pools!
  5. will remember I’m on vacation, and enjoy some splurges! I’m hoping that by sticking to some healthy options and staying hydrated and active, I will be able to enjoy the indulgences. I know for sure I’ll be eating a chocolate melting cake because they are famous for those! 

Hope these little tips helped any of you with sensitive stomachs, let me know what you like to do on vacation to stay as healthy as you can. It can be hard when you eat healthy regularly and then all of the sudden just start eating tons of heavy foods that your body isn’t used to. I will let you know if I was able to stay on track while still enjoying some treats! 🙂 

Do you try to make healthy choices while on vacation?

Tell me in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Eating Healthy(ish) on Vacation

  1. I hope you figure out your digestive issues soon. I know how awful that process is. I have been gluten free for 5 years after getting diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy. I saw about 20 doctors over a couple years trying to figure out the pain I was experiencing in my stomach. Thankfully, I figured out the issue and have felt great ever since. I really try to stick close to my normal diet on vacation with a few splurges. I try not to go overboard or I end up feeling icky. Can’t wait to read about your trip!

    • yeah its been three years of different digestive symptoms but i am very confident that gluten is a big factor in all of the issues. Skin, stomach, headaches, etc. my next appointment is Friday so hopefully ill have some more answers then!

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