Favorite Netflix Finds

Favorite Netflix Finds

I wanted to spare you the pain of sorting through the bad Netflix movies and share some of my favorites with you. Enjoy!

TV Shows:

  • Chopped Collection: Competition where 4 chefs compete in 3 rounds where they have to use basket ingredients to prepare an app, an entree, and a dessert. 
  • House of Cards: Was not expecting to like this show but got sucked in! Currently has 4 seasons. 
  • New Girl: Light and funny sitcom with great characters and really funny writing.
  • Portlandia: Each episode is filled with different comedy sketch scenes. Once you watch a few episodes you love certain sketches and characters…really funny!


  • PlantPure Nation: An inside look at activists fighting to have a plant-based diet promoted by the USDA. 
  • Cowspiracy (reaction post coming soon!): An informative look on how the meat and dairy industry is impacting the environment in a very negative way. 
  • Autism in Love: A look inside a small handful of adults with autism and how they live their life, navigate relationships, and love. 
  • Love Me!: Follows a small handful of men looking for love using the mail order bride system. Very interesting! 


  • The Immigrant: Set in the 1920’s and follows the story of a woman immigrating to America from Poland.
  • Unconditional: The story of a Christian woman whose husband was murdered. She intends to seek out her husband’s killer and in the process learns a lot about herself. 
  • What Maisie Knew: The story of a young girl whose extremely selfish parents are getting divorced. The young girl who pays Maisie is so great in this movie!
  • Stonehearst Asylum: A dark psychological thriller taking place in the 1800’s. It follows the main character as he believes something suspicious is going on with how the asylum is run.
  • The Girl: A girl filled with regret ends up caring for a lost Mexican child and learns a lot about herself during the journey. 

Foreign Movies:

  • The Last Days (Spanish): The world is overcome with a disease that kills anyone exposed to the outside sunlight. This movie is so beautifully done as is so many Spanish films. 
  • The Host (Korean): A thrilling monster movie with great characters and a fast pace. 
  • Remembrance (Polish & German): The story of two people who fell in love in a concentration camp and then got separated. They each believed the other to be dead, however, now 52 years old, the lady finds out her former lover is still alive. 
  • Automata (Spanish): A Post-apocalyptic movie in which the main character discovers a conspiracy after a robot is killed for violating its protocol. 
  • Lucky (Zulu & English): The story of a 10 year old boy who leaves his small village to make a new life in the city. 

Current Favorite Netflix Finds? Do you like a certain genre best?

Tell me in the comments below!

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22 thoughts on “Favorite Netflix Finds

  1. So many great picks here! I recently started getting into all of the House Hunters (loving the International Renovations one!!) and all the other HGTV and Food Network shows. They’re so good!

  2. I love Chopped and House of Cards too!! I love Netflix documentaries.. I definitely want to watch Cowspiracy. I loved Knives Over Forks and Fast Food Nation.

    • LOVE Parks and Rec! New Girl is great–cant wait til you watch it. The documentary actually explores autistic adults which I thought was super interesting!

  3. Can you believe I have never watched Netflix??! Yup, it’s true! My husband and I have never watched it. Now that shows are coming out specifically on it, we may have to get it!

    • Really??! You’ve got to try it! Now’s the time because theyre adding a lot more recent movies this next year and theyve added a ton of popular tv shows not to mention the netflix originals!

  4. These are mostly ones I haven’t watched, so thank you! We are watching 30 Rock right now and love it! It’s so funny. I watched the movie Best of Me this weekend and found it to be rather depressing. Romantic, but definitely not a feel good movie. I need to get into watching more documentaries.

    • I watched Best of Me and was utterly heartbroken…especially because i always make the mistake of putting myself in the chsracters situation and my husband and i are high school sweethearts so i was weeping weeping weeping…haha!
      Actually, i read the book first because ive read all of his books and its not quite so heart wrenching as the movie..still so sad though!

  5. I have sucha Netflix problem and you’re not helping!! I need to check out that Love me! doc – true story, my uncle (almost 60?) has a mail order bride (claims she’s 26 but no one is buying it.) and it’s so bizarre. He has a daughter from a past marriage who is older than his wife. They have a kid together and I’m the Godmother. It’s all very, very, very, very weird. (welcome to my life.)

    • hahah this is awesome! My dad’s uncle whom ive only met once, has a mail order bride. theyve been married forever! its so interesting to me!

  6. I LOVE House of Cards! My go to on Netflix is The Office…even though I own all of the seasons on bluray! The Apple TV is so much easier to use :-). Great list!

  7. Great recommendations! I tried watching New Girl and couldn’t get into it. I think I’m gonna give it another chance 🙂


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