Favorite Prenatal Workouts

Favorite Prenatal Workouts

Before getting pregnant, I used and loved Fitness blender for all of my workouts. They provide free full length workout videos on their own website and on their Youtube channel. I could sing their praises all day long and I am looking forward to using them again once baby comes! I decided that during pregnancy, I wanted to find some solid workouts specifically designed for pregnancy. Here are my favorites that I’ve found so far! Remember, not everyone should do these workouts and you should check with your doctor before doing any workout routine ESPECIALLY when you are pregnant! 

Favorite Prenatal Workouts:

  • BabyFit by Amy: Prenatal Workouts Amy is a personal trainer who created 11 videos while she was pregnant. These videos range from cardio and strength to pilates and yoga. She even has a few stretching videos which are perfect for really tired days or for before bed. She also has a playlist of post-baby workouts which I’m looking forward to later on!
  • Prenatal Morning Yoga via SarahBethYoga This one is great for getting things moving especially on those days when you’re feeling tight and sore. I don’t necessarily always do this in the actual morning but I’ve found it to be a great go-to for any time of day!
  • Pregnancy Friendly Upper Body Workout via Lunging Through Life: This little circuit for the upper body is great! Some days my lower half is so sore that I don’t want to push it and this upper body focused workout has become a go-to. 

Favorite type of pregnancy workout? Do you like to work upper body or lower body better? 

Tell me in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Favorite Prenatal Workouts

  1. Well, I guess I wouldn’t have any favorite pre-natal workouts, but… I always have so much respect seeing women workout while pregnant. I would probably be so tired just being pregnant. O_O

    • Yes, most days going through my daily life is enough of a workout haha! Yoga has been very nice when I have the energy for it though!

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